10 worst PC to console ports, ranked

While technology has gotten to the point where most games released are optimized for each published platform, there was a time when some games could only be done justice on a PC. PCs allowed developers to push graphics and narrative boundaries while consoles were more affordable, accessible, and allowed immediate arcade-style action.

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PC gaming ports to consoles could be a boon for gamers who don’t have the know-how or disposable income to make their own gaming PCs. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work. Whether it’s due to hardware limitations or publishers just don’t care, these ports aren’t the way to experience those classic titles.

ten The NES just wasn’t powerful enough for King’s Quest V

King's Quest V NES cropped

While Novotrade made a valiant effort to tighten The Quest for King V in a meager NES cartridge, a lot of concessions had to be made in the process. The lush, hand-drawn graphics of the original had to be completely redone from scratch to accommodate the much more limited resolution and color palette of the NES.

The port also had to deal with strict Nintendo censorship policies that prohibited religious references and depictions of violence. The limitations of the NES also meant the lack of dubbing, but given the performance of the speaking versions, this is probably seen as an improvement.

9 Maniac Mansion’s two home ports had their own flaws

Cropped Maniac Mansion Famicom

Jaleco has released its own version of Manic mansion for the Nintendo Famicom in Japan. While most of the blood remained intact, the characters underwent a bizarre and cutesy overhaul, and many jokes weren’t included in the translation. Conversely, LucasArts would task Realtime Associates with managing the US NES port with additional music by famous game composer George “The Fat Man” Sanger.

This would likely be the definitive version without the point-and-click interface housing an NES controller and the jokes butchered by Nintendo’s absurd censorship policies.

8 Bethesda knew about Skyrim’s woes on PS3

Skyrim PS3 cropped

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was a landmark title in 2011, with a lot of feeling that it had been the culmination of all the lessons Bethesda had learned from their previous RPGs. It’s a shame that optimizing the game to run properly on the hardware it was released on wasn’t part of those lessons.

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Anyone trying to venture into the northern part of Tamriel on their PlayStation 3 will need to make sure their save files are no larger than 6MB, lest their adventure be interrupted by frame rate issues, slowdowns. and crashes.

seven PS3 orange box contains worst versions of classic titles

The cropped PS3 orange box

The orange box was one of the best deals a player could get in 2007 – featuring some of the best titles in a convenient package. While the company managed the Xbox 360 port of The orange box, EA asked one of its in-house studios to port the compilation to PlayStation 3.

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Every game suffered from frame rate drops and substandard visuals, but some games had their own issues. The line shooter Team Fortress 2 was plagued by terrible connection issues, Half life 2 was subject to freezing, and of the portal load times were absolutely appalling.

6 Plague Monkey Island loading times and degraded visuals on the Sega CD

Monkey Island Sega Cropped CD

With less animation and a more limited color palette, the Sega CD port of The secret of the monkey island manages to look worse than even EGA versions. While Sega may have been more lax than Nintendo when it comes to portraying violence, slight profanity has been puzzledly removed from some lines in this release.

What could make this port a problem for most, however, are the unbearably long load times that occur even when you step into a different screen. It’s no wonder that LucasArts turned down other console ports from their adventure games until Escape from Monkey Island for the PlayStation 2.

5 Ultima VII has its RPG mechanics stripped for the SNES

Ultima VII SNES cropped

Ultima VII The Black Door was widely regarded as one of the best RPGs when it was first released for PC in 1992, but few people will praise the SNES version. Almost all RPG mechanics have been removed from this port, including members of the Avatar group and turn-based combat.

The landscape has been reduced in size, the number of NPCs has been reduced, and 56 spells have also been omitted from this version. Finally, Nintendo’s censorship policies have once again raised their ugly head and removed all depictions of sex and violence.

4 Wolfenstein 3D on SNES is heavily censored

Wolfenstein 3D SNES Cropped

Players looking to take on Nazis should avoid the SNES version of Wolfenstein 3D. Nintendo’s censorship policies meant that not only all references to Hitlerite and Nazi imagery had to be removed, but also blood, religious iconography, and the replacement of attack dogs with giant rats.

To account for the Nazi cleansing, all previous German threats and taunts have been spoken in English. Even with a reduced resolution and a much lower frame rate, it still struggles to perform on the SNES. The only thing this version has going for it is the ability to bypass the strafing with the L and R buttons.

3 Doom for 3DO was a rushed port

Cropped 3DO Doom

Art Data Interactive awarded the 3DO port of Loss to one person while providing little or no resources and an absurdly restrictive timeframe. Rebecca Heineman, who previously managed superb 3DO ports from Wolfenstein 3D and Another world, claims that she didn’t even receive the source code for the original game and only had six weeks to port.

Working from the source code of the Atari Jaguar version, it managed to bring it to a somewhat playable state, but it lacked fullscreen support and performed terribly.

2 Prince of Persia 2 on SNES is just a shadow of a classic game

Prince of Persia 2 SNES Cropped

Although it was released four years after Arsys Software’s incredible SNES port of the original Prince of Persia, the SNES port of Tidus of Prince Of Persia 2 Shadow and Flame is a shame. For some reason, the speed is increased over the original, making the game almost unplayable. Several levels are omitted from this port – including the decisive showdown against the evil vizier.

If all of these issues aren’t enough to convince players to stay away, maybe the many bugs will. Years later, Shadow and Flame would receive a Perfect PC console port as a hidden extra in the Xbox version of Sands of time.

1 The NES version of Hydride was true to a fault

Hydlide NES cropped

The original Hydraulic for Japanese home computers was a real innovator in the field of role-playing games 0f and influenced many developers, such as Metal gear creator Hideo Kojima and Hideki Kamiya of The devil can cry and Bayonetta notoriety. Sadly, it was five years before he saw a US release on NES, and by that time he had been vastly outclassed by titles such as Zelda and dragon warrior.

Rather than adding new features or changes that would have helped it compete with other games on the market, the NES version of Hydraulic was a wart and the whole recreation of a half-decade-old game.

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