75% of brands say creative advertising is crucial to their success with Twitter, but few can afford it. – Bestgamingpro

Throughout 2021, Twitter tested a number of weird design changes on its platform, but its most recent could be the worst yet. On Wednesday, Bruce Falck, vice president of revenue products at Twitter, revealed that the company will be experimenting with a new ad format that places sponsored tweets in your conversations.

“We are excited to test this for our advertisers and look forward to seeing how it can help us provide additional incentive for writers and creators of Tweets,” added Falck.

When I hear people complaining about the obnoxious advertising on Facebook, I know they are specifically talking about the kinds of things you see on Twitter. They are not obnoxious in the same way that Tip Jars and Super Followers are not bad for you, as it is a platform designed to “reward” its powerful users for their content.

And there is no mystery as to why. When it comes to ad revenue, Twitter has always caught up with other major social media sites in the market.

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He also needs marketers who want to reach those eyeballs in the first place. Because Twitter has gained a bad reputation as a haven for hate speech, harassment, and, well, just about everything else, marketers have traditionally been reluctant to have their products advertised alongside people’s feeds.

And, again, as a Twitter user, I can attest that some of the worst things about the site are not happening in people’s terrible posts, but rather in the discussion under those tweets.

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