A win-win situation for publishers and gamers according to Microsoft

Microsoft chief marketing officer Chris Caposella recently described Xbox Game Pass as a win-win situation for publishers and gamers at a conference. At the same time, he again stressed that gambling is big business.

He cited some interesting stats on this: Compared to non-subscribers, Xbox Game Pass users are playing 30% more genres than they otherwise wouldn’t. Overall, they play 40% more games, including titles that are not part of the subscription.

He said: “I am a big fan of the players. I myself am a great player. And I love how involved we are in this business. For those who don’t really know it, games are big business. “

And in the past, the gaming world was somewhat divided into PC gamers who are die-hard PC gamers and console gamers who love their console, be it Xbox, Playstation, Switch, Wii, or whatever. “

“But what we’ve seen is that the technology is getting better and better, players are actually playing on a lot of platforms.”

“You don’t just play on your console or just on your PC. So we really tried to change the business model of how we approach games to put gamer first, so we promised, hey, you can play the games you love with the people you love because the Socializing is a big, big part of the game and the community is an integral part of it, across the devices you love.

“We’ve been here for a relatively short time, so we’re excited about this growth. As you saw in the third quarter, our game sales increased by 50%, which is pretty crazy. Some of that comes from the new consoles, the Xbox Series X, and the S-Series, but a lot of them are expressly paid for through subscriptions, content, and services on top of those subscriptions. […]”

“I just want to mention some crazy stats: one of the things that amazed us is that I can watch someone before they sign up for Game Pass and after they sign up for Game Pass and we can find someone who signed up to spend 20% more time playing games.

“So take the game deeper. They play 30% more genres, so explore them like someone who subscribes to Netflix explores documentaries or comedies, even if they’re a movie guy.” action. 30% more genres. And they play 40% more games. In general, including games that are not included in the subscription. So, for game developers, Game Pass is a great way to get their content to gamers.

“It’s not just that the consumer wins and publishers lose. This is a real win-win model and we are very excited about it. “

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