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Concept art of the unnamed game from Disruptive Games, currently slated for release via Amazon. (Image Disruptive Games)

Amazon Games will release an upcoming unnamed project from Disruptive gamesan indie game developer based in Berkeley, Calif., the company announced Thursday.

The move represents a further expansion of Amazon’s efforts as a publisher of games from other studios, following the successful US launch of Smilegate RPG. lost ark earlier this year.

Disruptive’s unnamed project is said to be an “online multiplayer action-adventure game based on a new [intellectual property]intended for multiple platforms and “designed for both cooperative and competitive play”.

It’s the third game that Amazon has officially announced as a publisher, following last year’s announcement that it would publish a “creative online co-op experience” from English indie studio Glowmade. In a press release, Amazon confirmed that it has several other “unannounced projects” in development, both internally and with outside studios.

If there’s a single trend in what Amazon has announced so far, it’s that almost all of its projects, both internally and externally developed, seem to have targeted the online gaming market. This includes its 2021 massively multiplayer RPG New world, who pains; lost ark, who a lot is not; and the announced plan for his Montreal studio, which he founded in March 2021.

“At Amazon Games, we are focused on developing and publishing high-quality games that foster strong communities and keep people playing for years to come,” said Amazon Games Vice President Christoph Hartmann. , in a press release.

“We accomplish this by creating our own IPs and selectively posting external projects from stellar teams like Disruptive Games,” he added.

Disruptive, founded in 2009, presents itself as a “multiplayer game development studio”. His latest game was the 2019 virtual reality “hero shooter” Megalith, which was released by Sony for PlayStation VR.

It has also distinguished itself as a work-for-hire team. Disruptive’s previous credits include effects, optimization, console ports, and support for games like Godfall, Diablo II: Risen, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2.

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