‘Attack Of Titan’ 4.81 Delay Confirmed

With episode 80 airing earlier this morning, Attack on Titan has defied expectations. The Titans, along with Eren and his brother, were all revealed in the latest build. Of course, the series’ cliffhanger has the entire internet buzzing, with fans eagerly awaiting episode 81. However, a slight setback will affect the new episode’s premiere next week, Comicbook.com reports.

Source: Pexel

But before you get angry, take a deep breath! Episode 81 is only minutes late, not hours or days. The Winter Games are to blame for the change, but Attack on Titan will premiere next Sunday nonetheless.

The update is now available on the official Attack on Titan website. This is where fans learned that Episode 81 would be delayed 20 minutes on NHK. This is due to coverage of the Winter Olympics, which are currently taking place in China.

Following the schedule adjustment, Attack on Titan will premiere its special episode on February 13 at 00:25 JST. It normally goes live shortly after midnight in other parts of the world. There’s no news on how this postponement will affect Attack on Titan simulcast schedules, but fans should expect streaming providers to easily handle the change.

And if you haven’t seen Attack on Titan yet, we strongly advise you to do so right away. The series has released one of its biggest chapters yet, and it looks like our characters’ lives are about to change drastically. Eren took on a new appearance, the barriers of humanity crumbled, and the truth about our Titans emerged. A new conflict looms in the future, and Armin and Mikasa will be the ones to face it.

With the latest episode of Attack on Titan, the long awaited and highly anticipated Rumbling has finally arrived! Since the anime’s return earlier this year, it’s built to the major conclusion by dropping subtle hints about what Eren Yeager has planned for the future. Eren has something terrible planned for the future, as evidenced by his willingness to go to extreme lengths to achieve his new goals in previous episodes of the season. But it all became clear in the most recent episode when Eren fully released The Rumbling.

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