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Meta is well aware of the demands of advertisers and therefore seeks to increase ad performance to help marketers achieve their desired business goals.

Meta is the new name for the business empire set up by 37-year-old Internet entrepreneur and philanthropist Mark Zuckerberg. According to the news, in February 2022, Meta announced the improvement in the performance of advertising campaigns. This week, Meta announced that it has successfully combined all of its automated advertising products into a brand new portfolio, Meta Advantage, which will help users effortlessly discover and profit from desired products.

A user may find these automated advertisements quite fascinating as these automated advertisements are designed to deliver the most relevant advertisements to the audience. These automated advertisements rely on machine learning. According to a Facebook survey, about 77% of advertisers, after testing these automated ads, concluded that these automated ads can be quite effective to use. These advertisers also reported that by using these automated ads, they could save up to several hours in a week.

According to the announcement, Meta Advantage will consist of 2 product lines, which are 1) Advantage: these features tend to be more prone to manual campaign setup, e.g. lookalike expansion and detailed targeting tools within the limits of the selected audience. And 2) Advantage+: With these features, advertisers will have the ability to handle all the manual campaign setup workflow themselves, e.g. creative or placements.

According to Gosku Nebol Perlman, product marketing manager of Meta, the social network is currently working on releasing the Advantage+ campaign for shopping, this feature is currently being tested by beta users and is called Automated Shopping Ads. This automated shopping advertising feature is expected to be released by the end of 2022.

As it can clearly be seen that there is nothing new with the features mentioned above, only Meta has renamed the automated ads tools to give users maximum insight into the purpose of each respective tool. These tools are quite effective as they are designed to eliminate bad targeted approaches by displaying the most relevant advertisements for users.

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