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United States: ** Breaking News ** ASA makes an announcement on green claims

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In the wake of the CMA’s new Code of Green Claims, the ASA today made an announcement about its own work to review green claims in advertising and marketing.

After the first step of its in-depth review of this area, the ASA announced the decisions it has taken to update its own rules and guidelines (and those of the CAP):

  1. The Advertising Practices Committee will issue Advertising tips to the industry which sets out the key principles advertisers must follow to ensure their ads do not to trick on the environment and are Socially responsible when considering environmental issues.
  2. ASA begins a series of surveys on specific issues starting with the priority areas identified by the Climate Change Committee requiring a reduction in carbon emissions. These include aviation, cars, garbage, animal foods and heating.
  3. ASA will order research this fall in the understanding of consumers of Carbon neutral and net zero claims and research to understand consumer perceptions Hybrid claims in the electric vehicle market. These two areas were identified as priority areas for exploration through an intelligence review we conducted over the past three months, and we expect the research to inform further directions next year. Further research on other topics will follow in 2022.

You can read the full ASA announcement here.

Learn more about our own free training related to the CMA Green Claims Code here, where we will cover this latest announcement from the ASA.

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