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A Pennsylvania couple has filed a lawsuit against SilverOnyx LLC alleging that their SilverOnyx pressure cooker is dangerously defective because the lid can be opened while still under pressure.

The lawsuit was filed by Dana and Thomas M., a married couple who used the pressure cooker to make shrimp gumbo in October 2020.

According to the lawsuit, Dana filled the pressure cooker halfway with ingredients and set it to cook for 25 minutes. When the cooking cycle was complete, her husband manually released the pressure valve.

After he seemed to be done releasing the pressure, he started to open the lid – and that’s when he suddenly exploded with hot okra.

The lawsuit alleges that “the pressure cooker immediately exploded and spat out its contents.” Dana suffered burns to her abdomen and left arm, and Thomas suffered burns to his right arm and abdomen.

Both are now seeking compensation from SilverOnyx LLC for selling a defective pressure cooker. They allege it was falsely advertised to contain a ‘safety feature’ which would lock the lid and prevent it from opening until all pressure is released.

The lawsuit alleges that the lid is actually removable when the pressure cooker still contains dangerous pressure.

According to the complaint: “When the cover is removed in such circumstances, the pressure trapped inside the device causes the burning contents to be ejected from the device.”

The Continuation of the SilverOnyx pressure cooker was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania on September 27, 2022— Case number 2:22-cv-03834.

Source: Pennsylvania Couple Sue SilverOnyx After Pressure Cooker Explosion

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