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Credit: Alexei Savchenko on Unsplash

Journalists have been using games to tell stories since the early 2000s, but so-called news games, games that integrate journalism into the game, have yet to convince publishers to add them to their coverage. daily.

Instead, more typical digital news stories try to ape what makes the game so appealing and capable of capturing ever-large audiences – and revenue.

User experience and design researcher at BBC SoundsNick Donaldson, said: “Games have wins and losses, and that’s exactly what makes them so connected to your brain’s dopamine response.

“But this idea of ​​clear victory and defeat is not easily transferable to the media world, so it’s harder to replicate. Instead, the metrics are emotional: what makes us laugh, what that makes us feel like we understand the world.”

The techniques first used to make games so compelling have begun to seep into the thinking behind news apps, Donaldson says.

The progress bar in a New York Times visual survey or the reward of being in the top 10 percent of readers on The Guardian site, for example, each shows the user that the next dopamine hit is just a few clicks away.

“We sprint to a finish line when it’s in sight,” Donaldson said. “That’s why you buy coffees faster when your loyalty card runs out.”

Donaldson warns that while publishers can learn from game design, pure gamification, turning an audience’s general motivations into easily understood and quantifiable goals, can degrade the journalism benefits a publisher is trying to convey.

Users are now more savvy when it comes to manipulation tactics and can be put off by the stress of maintaining a daily streak and the novelty of a new feature can quickly wear off, Donaldson explained.

“As a public service broadcaster (BBC), our job is not to maximize time spent but time well spent,” he added.

“Gamification is about creating habits, but that’s a very short-term solution. You can only really play the game long-term by creating a platform that meets their real goals, whether that’s ‘be better informed about the economy or discover their new favorite band.

“There are many tools that allow you to achieve this more sustainably than streaks or progress bars.”

visual storytelling

Beyond the potentially superficial staples of most mobile games, publishers and journalists have recognized the opportunity to hone their visual storytelling from the games.

The New York Times led the charge with visual stories that often mimic point and click games or provide branching narratives depending on the reader’s interest.

Many publishers have adopted similar techniques, AlJazeerait is interactive maps at South China Morning Postis autonomous and “complete” series.

The first news game was 2003’s “September 12”, in which players take control of a crosshair raised over a city miles below and tasked with killing terrorists by firing missiles.

Each terrorist moves through a crowd, so any attempt by the player also results in the death of civilians. It quickly becomes apparent that the only way to avoid collateral deaths is to not shoot at all.

“The Uber Game”created by the FinancialTimeswon the Excellence and Innovation in Visual Digital Storytelling gong at the 2018 Online Journalism Awards.

You play as a member of the sprawling fleet of Uber drivers who juggle ride fares, service your vehicle, and get home on time to help with your son’s homework.

More recently, “Testris” traces the history of the coronavirus pandemic across the world. You start by choosing a character and see the myriad ways lives have been affected based on social status and location.

The GuardianVisual Projects Editor David Blood, who was part of the team that created “The Uber Game”, said: “It seemed to allow the audience to identify with the Uber driver at the center of the narrative on a level personal.

“One of the key takeaways from this project is that this kind of identification – empathy, essentially – can be something that games are particularly good at creating.”

Games regularly induce empathy, according to the account of “That Dragon, Cancer” on come to terms with the death of a child to “Night in the Woods” telling of revisiting childhood anxieties – worthy but not exactly topical subjects.

Newsgames are often published years after the events they describe. 2017″Exit path” and 2016 “Bury me, my love“Have you played as refugees fleeing the 2014 Syrian civil war for example.

Few games can keep pace with the stories they convey and despite the success of “The Uber Game”, Blood explains that games are unlikely to become a major part of daily journalism: “News games are very resource-intensive to produce. journalists, designers, developers, publishers and others.

“Then there is the question of the news agenda: if it takes a month or two months to produce a news game, will it still have sufficient journalistic value at the time of publication? “

At a time when almost every news publisher is feeling the pressure, Blood said the time taken to create a game is hard to justify when more typical forms or reports are faster, cheaper and less risky.

Not all stories will lend themselves to being told through a game and the accelerated conveyor of breaking news is unlikely to slow down enough to allow games to catch up, but the sparing use of interactive elements in journalism can create stories that connect with the audience on a deeper level. level.

The journalism we consume every day, especially audio and video, is generally ’tilted’ rather than ’tilted’ and for many, active participation is simply not how they consume their news.

As publishers attempt to incorporate the elements that make games so engrossing, they’ll have to be crafty in how they take readers on a journey.

And with these new features demanding so much from the journalists, editors, and programmers who create them, when they hit, they have to hit hard.

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Despite Fallen Order, Disney’s Star Wars Game Era Was a Failure Sun, 13 Nov 2022 21:30:00 +0000

The success of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is the clear distinction of star wars games since Disney acquired the franchise, but that hasn’t been enough to consider this particular era a success. The engaging single-player experience of Cal Kestis’ story has energized many fans, giving reason to hope that star wars the games could hit their previous highs again. A great game isn’t enough to erase a scene of overall mismanagement, however. Although Jedi: Fallen Order shows how good a modern AAA is star wars title may be, the era of star wars games under Disney’s control were generally unsuccessful.


New management often brings reshuffles, and Disney’s purchase of star wars in 2012 immediately raised fears that projects in development were ending prematurely. Those fears came to fruition in 2013 when Disney shut down LucasArts, the legendary studio/publisher that had presided over hits such as Pandemic Studios. Star Wars: Battlefront and BioWare Knights of the Old Republic. Exclusive rights to star wars video games were transferred to Electronic Arts, which focused on a restart of battle front Games as his first project. Despite graphical prowess and visual reach that brought icons star wars battles to light up EA’s 2015 game in a new way Star Wars Battlefront has been plagued with controversy from the start, with fewer modes and maps than fans were hoping for and a season pass model to monetize future updates. The follow-up, Star Wars Battlefront 2launched with even more surrounding negativity, implementing a loot box monetization system that sparked internet outrage.

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Disney’s Star Wars Games Didn’t Live Until the LucasArts Era

The two EAs star wars battle front games have improved over time, but development on Battlefront 2 ended prematurely in 2020 after a remarkable comeback from DICE, and the series’ highlights under Disney ownership couldn’t match the love many fans had for the LucasArts entries. The meaning of “what could have beenwasn’t helped by the games’ dryness relative to LucasArts’ release frequency. Star Wars: 1313a canceled game which would have allowed players to take on the underworld of Coruscant as Boba Fett, could have provided an engaging experience while fans waited for EA’s first release battle front Game. Under the management of EA, an action-adventure title known as Project Ragtag developers from dead space was shut down alongside the studio in 2017, and the open-world game intended to succeed it was also canceled in 2019. Amy Hennig finally gets to do it star wars game at Skydance New Media, but news of that title came five years after its initial effort ended.

Going forward, Disney and Lucasfilm Games approached other studios and publishers to develop New star wars Games, including Ubisoft and the aforementioned Skydance. The only star wars EA’s game over the past few years was Star Wars: Squadrons, a solid dogfighting title that once again encountered some dissatisfaction with a lack of content, bringing EA’s overall total to four inconsistent games over a decade. Despite the potential for licensing other studios, the current roster still gives little confidence that Disney’s era of star wars the game is finally taking shape. Ubisoft is working on a story-driven open-world game, but nothing else about their project is known. star wars eclipse comes from controversial studio Quantic Dream. Even the PS5 Exclusive Knights of the Old Republic remakewhich sits on the foundation of an acclaimed title, was left in limbo by development reworks.

It is still possible that star wars games under Disney will improve in the future, and the franchise has unlimited potential for more games that generate the same kind of excitement as star wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Respawn is currently developing a sequel, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, as well as a first-person shooter and a strategy game. Consider the open world star wars Ubisoft’s game and the prospect of Hennig making the game she couldn’t make at EA with Skydance, and there’s reason to be optimistic. Without further information on any of these titles, however, the future of star wars the games are still unclear. With an unstable past and an uncertain future, Disney era star wars Games failed to live up to the franchise’s legacy.

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]]> Apple Store allows NFT sales; Take his piece of the pie Fri, 11 Nov 2022 10:10:04 +0000

As part of its new guidelines for the App store, Apple announced that it will allow developers to sell NFTs in apps and games. Despite limitations and fees Apple attaches to certain types of NFTs, this is a big deal because as the founder of the DigiDaigaku NFT project Gabriel Leydon tweeted, “…this could put an ETH wallet in every mobile game integrating 1B+ players!”

AppleNew NFT policy from

Users can now sell and trade NFTs through a number of apps available on the Apple App Store. Apps that store or display NFTs may be down Apple‘s rules before this decision. In September 2021Gnosis Safe, a crypto wallet that helps users manage and even sell digital assets on Ethereum, had been offering its app in the store for several months when it received notice from Apple that “the applications that access, whether it is a simple storage or a market, are not appropriate for the App store. We suggest you remove this feature from your app.”

Developers can now sell NFTs with Appleapproval. However, the company imposes the same monetization structure on NFT sales as on other App store purchases: 30% commission from app developers who earn more $1 million each year through ‌App Store‌ and 15% from small sellers. Apple indicates that apps can list, create and transfer NFTs and provide a mechanism for users to view their NFT collections as long as they do not unlock game features or additional features in the app. Apps can also promote other NFT offers as long as they don’t provide external links or buy media that circumvent Applepayment system.

Although it is one of the largest technology companies in the world, the Cupertino giant has done little to embrace blockchain technology, and its products are criticized for being too closed. This new development indicates that, although progress is slow, Apple prepares for blockchain technology and its applications.

AppleThe 30% solution remains controversial

AppleThe hefty commission tag has drawn criticism from the global crypto community and set contrasts with several other NFT markets. OpenSea and Magical Eden commissions hover around 5%; others have kept their transaction cost threshold as low as 2.5%.

Technology blogger Florian Muller called AppleThe “app tax” on NFT sales is “abusive but consistent”, adding that the actual costs to developers can often exceed the 30% commission cited when referring to the App storeas some geographic regions are subject to fees of up to approximately 35% in addition to other fees applied to serving ads on the Search Network.

Persistent Apple critic, CEO of Epic Games Tim Sweeneyalso tweeted that Apple “crushes” another fledgling technology that “could rival its grotesquely overpriced in-app payment service,” and that AppleExorbitant fees could stifle the entire NFT industry.

AppleCommission policy is the basis of Epic Games’ lawsuit against Applewhich has been going on since 2020. The video game publisher sued Apple for not allowing him to use his payment platform instead of the App Store in-app purchases and for taking a 30% discount.

Challenges with the secondary market

magic edenlargest marketplace Solana NFT, also needed clarification on the move, refusing in-app trading support after hearing intense cost demands from Apple. “Our application remains available in the App store as a presentation tool magic eden lists and mints, but it has no commercial support”, a magic eden said the spokesperson.

Secondary sales of NFT are also problematic. magic eden and OpenSea, for example, generally charge a commission of no more than 5%.

“In this case, if a collector wishes to purchase an NFT through the Magic Eden or OpenSea app on an iPhone, the seller will only receive 70% of the purchase price,” Blockwork explained. “And the market is unlikely to be interested in making up the difference.”

AppleThe decision to allow NFT sales at its standard premium is a significant hurdle for NFT startups. Several startups have complained about the rules Apple allegedly imposes, and that the fees make using the App Store difficult to justify.

While a court ruling last year required that Apple allow links to off-platform payment channels, this may not be relevant for NFT trading because Apple does not accept cryptocurrency payments. All item listings are in dollars and are paid in fiat. NFT markets face the challenge of building additional infrastructure to support AppleNFT’s payment system and dollar prices are constantly changing due to the volatility of cryptocurrencies.

Few blockchains can scale to meet AppleUser base of

But not all Web3 companies hesitated to Applethe policy of. Some see benefits AppleNFT’s acceptance of because the market and Web3 applications available in its store have the potential to achieve mass adoption. In addition, a 30% commission for Apple is better than being banned from App store absolutely.

Apple can attract hundreds of millions or even billions of people to NFTs and crypto by validating crypto and NFTs. The gaming industry, which currently has around 4 billion online players, is another sector that could generate significant commissions. Current estimates are that less than 100,000 people play cryptocurrency games, so integration into iOS apps could attract thousands or millions of new users.


Applethe decision to allow developers to sell NFTs in its App store can be a bad omen. Apple has traditionally been very protective of how its platforms are used, and the move could be interpreted as a sign that it is starting to loosen restrictions and open up to other types of apps and services. Everything from blockchain-based games to decentralized social networks could fall into this category.

This news was interpreted as the exploitation of an emerging industry as well as the green light for Web3 applications to leave the exclusive domain of Android. The truth is, it’s both. While this may not be the most significant development in the crypto space, it does show that Apple believes in technology and wants to advance it. Finally, it remains to be seen how AppleThe decision of will impact the nascent ecosystem of crypto applications and the blockchain industry. For example, gaming can now find a niche within the expanding ecosystem as developers are encouraged to create more diverse games and users are willing to invest more time and money in the blockchain world.

This new allocation for NFTs represents an important step towards decentralizing digital data for a company that has long been obsessed with protecting its bottom line. It also demonstrates that Apple take note of what the blockchain offers.

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Former Meta and Pinterest executive joins Decentralized Social as COO Tue, 08 Nov 2022 15:00:14 +0000

Los Angeles, USA, 8 November 2022, Chainwire

The seasoned CTO brings deep expertise in business development, partner ecosystems and go-to-market to DeSo, the leader in blockchain technology for creator content.

Key points to remember

  • Former Meta and Pinterest executive Salil Shah has joined DeSoa new blockchain platform that raised $200 million from Sequoia, Andreessen Horowitz, CAA, and Coinbase.
  • The announcement comes after two consecutive months of more than 120% month-over-month growth for the platform.
  • Shah’s motivation to join comes from his belief that DeSo has the potential to transform the creator economy.

After years of developing the category-defining technology that powers its infrastructure, Sequoia, backed by DeSo hires Salil Shah, a seasoned executive with experience at Meta and Pinterest, to scale the business.

As the only Layer 1 blockchain capable of powering content-rich social applications, and with over $200 million in funding from Sequoia, Andreesen Horowitz, Coinbase, CAA and others, DeSo was already well positioned to to succeed.

Now, with an experienced senior executive like Shah in place, DeSo can accelerate its mission to reinvent the creator economy and expand Web3’s reach from finance-only apps to creator-focused social apps and more.

“Empowering and supporting creators is a mission I am deeply passionate about,” Shah said. Shah mentioned that DeSo built the first blockchain platform that allows social content to be stored directly on-chain, giving creators more ownership, the ability to engage with fans across platforms and the possibility of establishing direct financial relations with the fans.

“I’m thrilled to join this amazing team and partner with Nader to grow the business as the industry evolves into the next phase of the Internet of Creators, powered by Web3,” he continued.

Shah joins Nader Al-Naji, founder of DeSo, and will complement Nader’s deep technical expertise with his extensive business experience as a senior executive and business leader.

Leading an emerging category

Shah joins as the emerging “decentralized social” category begins to show signs of early growth, with DeSo recently hitting 120% month-over-month growth (following 160% growth the previous month) .

“This growth is driven by the DeSo ecosystem hundreds of third-party apps, who are now starting to gain loyalty,” Al-Naji said. For instance, Diamond App and Desofy earned creators over $20 million in their early days through new monetization primitives, such as social tips, non-fungible social tokens (NFTs), and social tokens.

Meanwhile, tools like OpenProsper, a social block explorer, provides unparalleled insight into the ecosystem. And other new apps like pearlan Instagram Web3, NFTza decentralized NFT marketplace, and DAODAOa Kickstarter-style social fundraising tool, are launched and mature.

“We see a flywheel starting to form,” Al-Naji said. “Now that we have a seed of users and content, developers are building apps like never before, which is driving usage and content even further in a virtuous cycle.”

DeSo was recently listed on Coinbase, and its mission to reinvent the creator economy has never been more relevant, with Twitter founder Jack Dorsey recently proclaiming that Twitter should be “an open source protocol” and the recent purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk.

About DeSo

DeSo is a new layer 1 blockchain designed from the ground up to decentralize social media and scale storage-intensive applications to billions of users. DeSo’s mission is to decentralize social media the same way Bitcoin and Ethereum decentralized finance.

You can learn more about DeSo and claim your username at


Arash Ghaemi

DeSo Foundation

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla could be coming to Steam Sat, 05 Nov 2022 00:35:41 +0000

Rumors have suggested that Ubisoft may be preparing to release Assassins Creed Valhalla on Steam, following years of availability through the publisher’s proprietary Ubisoft Connect platform on PC. With many game developers ignoring Steam for their own PC distribution options, it’s perhaps not so surprising that Ubisoft ignored its own distribution when launching Assassins Creed Valhalla.

Credit @ Ubisoft

Now that the game is finished and wrapped, Ubisoft could bring its aging flagship title to Steam, potentially reaching a whole new audience. Some recent developments indicate that a launch could soon take place for Assassins Creed Valhalla, and Valhalla could join its direct predecessor, Odyssey, on Valve’s proprietary gaming platform.

Like previous Ubisoft games, it launched on PC through the Ubisoft Uplay service but was also available for purchase from the Epic Games Store and not Steam. The reference is specific enough to suggest that the publisher intends to get Assassins Creed Valhalla on Steam. Since the Epic Games Store launched, Ubisoft has stopped shipping new titles on Steam, opting instead to use the Ubisoft Connect PC client as a concurrent launch platform.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Credit @ Ubisoft

Early last year, Ubisoft began moving away from Steam, opting instead to only bring new games to UPlay and the Epic Games Store. Instead, this year Ubisoft is set to launch games on PC, in partnership with newly resigned Ubisoft partner Epic Games, as well as their dedicated Uplay store. Ubisoft would lose a large chunk of viewers and potential purchases by leaving Steam in favor of the Epic Games store.

Ubisoft’s decision to resell games on Steam won’t be the first time the publisher has returned to Steam. Games such as Call of Duty have also returned to Steam, with Modern Warfare 2 enjoying huge success on the platform as a result of the move. Steam is expected to continue to dominate the PC gaming market, with Steam recently surpassing 30 million concurrent users.

Ubisoft knows that Assassins Creed has been at its peak for some time, so making it more accessible, even if it requires using Ubisoft Connect, will be an advantage for Ubisoft. According to the latest data mined by SteamDB, Ubisoft has updated its Connect suite, allowing players to install the Ubisoft Connect PC client in order to start Ubisoft games from Steam. The rumor is covered by the game’s official website, this year listing all the platforms the game is going to be available on, including missing Steam.

It Takes Two Devs Tease Next Game: “Something Really Fucking Cool” Wed, 02 Nov 2022 15:15:34 +0000

Hazelight Studios, the Swedish developer behind beloved titles like A Way Out and It Takes Two, has provided an update on its upcoming game. Studio head Josef Fares said VGC that the studio is making “good progress” on the title, but warned that there is still “a lot more to do”.

“It’s definitely going in the right direction,” Fares explained. “And it will be something really cool.”

Now Playing: The first 22 minutes of it takes two

Fares went on to tease that whatever game plays will be a “surprise in a good way.” He added: “Trust me…it will blow your mind.”

Fares will appear at The Game Awards 2022 to present the Game of the Year award, but it’s unclear if that’s where he’ll announce Hazelight’s next game. Fares is known to be energetic and outspokenso it will be interesting to see him at the awards show this year.

After working with Starbreeze and 505 Games on Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, EA signed Hazelight to release deals for A Way Out (2018) and It Takes Two (2021). Hazelight’s latest game was its biggest critical and commercial success to date, winning several awards and sold over 7 million copies.

It Takes Two also continues to expand its footprint, as it is out for Nintendo Switch on November 4.

It Takes Two seems to go beyond the world of video games. It has been reported that the game could become a movie on Amazon starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

The products discussed here were independently chosen by our editors. GameSpot may get a share of the revenue if you purchase something featured on our site.

Hero School Story is coming to consoles and PC in 2023 Sun, 30 Oct 2022 14:27:00 +0000

Agate developer and publisher Qube have announced that their fantasy RPG, Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story 2, will release for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, and PC via Steam in early 2023, as highlighted Gematsu. Players can now try out the game as part of Steam Early Access.

Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story 2, as its name suggests, is a school-themed RPG where players take control of their faculty and a roster of students to create their own fantasy kingdom, according to the description on the game’s Steam page. They will make tough decisions that will impact the storyline, as players would expect from an RPG. On top of that, players will take care of young students on their way to becoming true heroes. However, Valthirian 2 isn’t all about story-driven decisions or training recruits. The game features strategic turn-based combat that forces players to attack enemy weaknesses.


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In addition to its story and combat, Valthirian 2 introduces a new political system where players will have to keep their band of heroes happy and manage the World Threat System, as described by PQube in a recent press release. The fantasy RPG also features new mini-games, such as snowman-building and catering contests. After training students in their academy for three years, players will send them on dangerous quests to help budding heroes hone their skills and gain experience. Each student will affect the reputation of the academy, so players should not neglect developing their stats throughout training sessions.

The pair also announced that the physical edition of the RPG will be available for PlayStation5 and Switch upon release. As stated by the development team, they want to improve the game based on player feedback they will receive throughout the early access period to bring their vision to life. Additionally, the developers have new ideas and direction changes that will set Valthirian 2 apart from its predecessors. Bugs and crashes will also be fixed with each update, with new features and stories added as the creators go along.

Agate has yet to provide a firm release date for Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story 2, but players won’t have to wait much longer, as it’s scheduled to launch on platforms in early 2023 after a period. effective early access.

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]]> Developer Horror Cam Board Reveals Unreal Engine 5 Paranormal Tales Horror Game Fri, 28 Oct 2022 01:39:00 +0000

Indie developer Horror Cam Committee unveils its Unreal Engine 5 horror game, Paranormal Tales, complete with a Patreon page and a terrifying trailer.

Paranormal Tales is a found horror game heavily influenced by the cancellation of Hideo Kojima PT and powered by Unreal Engine 5 which premiered with an utterly terrifying new trailer. The first release from the developer Horror Cam Committee, Paranormal Tales‘ The Patreon page features a trailer for the game giving players a brief but unsettling glimpse of what to expect from the PT-inspired horror Title.

Paranormal Tales is the debut title from developer Horror Cam Committee and publisher Joure, and the first trailer shows heavy influence from Hideo Kojima’s canceled horror game PT. PT was planned silent Hill reuniting the iconic Kojima with acclaimed horror director Guillermo del Toro and actor Norman Reedus, and was teased with a short playable demo on PS4 back in 2014. PT was eventually cancelled, the terrifying teaser has developed a cult following, with fans creating remakes of the horror short in everything from VRChat to dreams on PS4.


RELATED: Modder makes PT work on PS5

The first one-minute trailer for Paranormal Talesstylized as pictures from a body camera, opens at night as an invisible man searches for his dog through a forest of barren trees strewn with leaves. As the search for the man becomes more frantic, the camera begins to sway wildly until it finally lands on what appears to be a woman in white suddenly scurrying, like an insect, rapidly towards the camera. After a failed attempt to seek refuge in a seemingly haunted house, the trailer closes with the woman in white screaming and floating towards the camera from a rooftop. This kind of found sequence approach is becoming more and more common in horror games and has recently been used to great effect on PC and console. horror game MADISON.

Paranormal Tales‘ The first trailer not only delivers real scares over its short runtime, but it also serves as a great showcase for the graphical fidelity available to developers with Unreal Engine 5. The game’s Steam listing promises to provide environments hyper-realistic experiences for players to explore as they play through a series of stand-alone experiences documenting the stories of those who have gone missing, with Paranormal Tales‘ Patreon page promising early access to demos and prototypes for supporters. Letting players take on the role of different characters throughout the game could potentially allow developers to Paranormal Tales present a more diverse cast, countering the seriousness lack of representation in many upcoming horror games.

For gamers looking for a terrifying new take on horror games, Paranormal Tales looks like it could offer a unique and visually stunning new take on in-game screams and frights. In an age when big-budget horror titles like the upcoming Silent Hill 2 remake become large companies again, Paranormal Tales A genre-neutral approach could help it stand out in an increasingly crowded field. If this thrilling new trailer is anything to go by, horror fans are in for a treat when the PT-inspired Paranormal Tales versions for PC.

AFTER: Death Stranding 2, Project Overdose releases bad news for PT fans

Source: Paranormal Tales

Weird West is much better than it was at launch, with help from the community Sun, 23 Oct 2022 20:45:00 +0000

Weird West is, as you can imagine, a weird game – an immersive isometric system-only simulation that evokes the original Fallout games if their combat was in real time, as well as the excellent Dishonored. The latter should really come as no surprise, given that the Dishonored co-creator (and Arkane Studios co-founder) Raph Colantonio created Weird West with his new indie team WolfEye Studios.

It wasn’t quite a smooth launch for Weird West seven months ago. The bugs and other assorted quirks meant that the game’s early review scores – while still firmly in the “good” range – reflected a game that some say could have used a bit more time in the oven. But Weird West has come a long way in a short time. Working closely with the community, WolfEye not only fixed the game, but significantly evolved it, adding new systems and mechanics, plus dozens of little touches that really put the “immersive” in the “sim.”


Colantonio is an industry veteran, having made his first game with Arkane Studios, Arx Fatalis, in 2002. And yet Weird West’s journey has always been a learning experience for him. With Arkane being owned by Bethesda since 2009 and “indie” publishing being very different then than it is now, Colantonio hadn’t worked independently in a strange new game world where concepts such as “Early Access” and “Game Pass” are the norm. In fact, he admits he had some biases about Early Access and looking back, Weird West might have benefited from going that route.

“We never looked at things like early access because we thought it was just a way for developers to pre-sell their game and start funding it with the money they make,” he told me. “But it’s much more than that. It’s also helping people in the creation of the game, which gives you access to a wide diversity of opinions. For our next game, we will probably involve the community very early.

Weird West is a systems-driven game – the kind of game that’s vulnerable to a problem faced by many immersive sims, which is that players can engage with these systems to create incredible moments and generate emergent stories, or they can play the game while completely overlooking the systemic magic of the game.

For example, at the start of Weird West, you can bury your son, come back later to dig up the grave, and then use a bone from your son’s body as a weapon to get revenge on those involved in his death (an emerging B-movie story of revenge right there). It’s a game where towns can thrive or be overrun by ghouls depending on your actions, and where random NPCs you save earlier in the game can come back later to save you in a firefight – maybe even sacrifice themselves in the process. It’s deep, but Raph suggests the future of these games is to “keep the depth and remove the complexity.”

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“I think there’s the heart of the game and the presentation, and sometimes the presentation gets in the way of people seeing the heart,” Raph explains. “Some players aren’t used to being left alone with a bunch of systems and finding out what they have. We’ve done our best to tutor Weird West, but I think we can do better, and by testing early with the community, we can better achieve this and include people from the start.

Instead of lamenting Weird West’s missed opportunity to evolve as an Early Access game alongside the community, Raph and WolfEye acted quickly after Weird West’s launch to make up for lost time with the game’s sequel. developers have implemented a table of suggestions for Weird Westwhere the community (and anyone who visits the page, for that matter) can vote and discuss new features to be added to the game.

““I personally don’t like the Game Pass buffet-style business model, but I can’t argue against it.”

With the help of this table, important updates have been added – major things like a much improved stealth system, alternate fire modes and a Reputation tab where you can track your reputation and connections in the world, up to to finer details. For example, based on a popular suggestion, when you knock out an enemy in Weird West and throw them on a bed, their friends will just assume that enemy is asleep rather than automatically knowing that they’ve been knocked out. . Upcoming user-suggested changes to the game include the ability to freely switch between characters after the story is completed, as well as a sandbox mode that lets you freely roam the west (with an increased number of activities and random quests planned for this mode in the pipeline).

The game’s continued evolution reflects Raph and WolfEye’s open, open-minded approach to game development. “We are open to anything,” he begins. “The game shows he has a long tail, and we definitely have more stuff in the oven. I don’t know for how long – we have three big things planned right now and after that it’s a bit like “let’s see what happens”.

Since Weird West entered development about four years ago, Microsoft’s Game Pass has become the “Netflix of gaming” that many have been anticipating for years, and a few months before Weird West’s launch, the game was unveiled. as a Day One Game Pass title. Many indie developers – especially newer studios – have praised Game Pass as a great way to get more attention for their games, while not having to worry too much about game marketing or sales. Weird West has apparently done well on Game Pass, with nearly a million downloads according to Raph, but despite that, he doesn’t think such subscription-based services are necessarily a good thing.

“I personally don’t like the buffet-style business model, but I can’t argue with it, so as a business we have to figure out what it means to navigate a world where it’s going to be a buffet of ‘subscription for everyone’, Raph tells me. “It removes consumer investment. This is also true for music. I used to buy a CD for one song on the album, but as I listened to this album over and over again, I discovered that the song I hated was now my favorite on the album. On Spotify, it’s like five seconds, ‘I don’t like the intro’, next.

But with an independent studio under his wing, Raph understands he can’t let idealism get in the way of pragmatism, and would even put his next game on Game Pass “if the money’s right.” He concludes: “Ultimately it’s about what serves the game best and what serves our ability to do so.”

Weird West’s countless updates speak to the game’s modular infrastructure, in that it’s relatively easy to add layers of mechanics and systems to the game. Indeed, Weird West has always been designed with the modding in mind, and one of the major upcoming updates will release the game’s robust modding tools to the community. “I’ve never done a game with modding, so it was always kind of a personal desire I had,” Raph explains. “You can create your whole own story if you want – whether it’s using your own templates or our own templates or additional templates that we’ll be releasing as well. I think people are going to be happy and have fun with that.

The development of Weird West has, like its narrative structure, involved multiple journeys. There was his journey to development and his journey since, which opened Colantonio’s eyes to the value of community involvement, especially for the type of games based on complex systems in which he specializes. The game’s own journey shows that if a developer has a vision that speaks to the community, they’ll always be willing to step in and help bring that game’s vision to life – before or after release.

NEXT: It’s time to give gaming’s most misunderstood genre a new name

]]> Top 10 careers in the publishing industry Thu, 20 Oct 2022 20:45:00 +0000

Have you always had a passion for books or studied your favorite literature? Being part of the publishing industry means you can be surrounded by books every day, allowing you to join a journey with authors eager to get their masterpieces published.

Whether you’re a creative writing student or a recent graduate looking for a position in the creative industry, there are plenty of opportunities to find yourself a job in a field you love.

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1. Edit Wizard

A publishing assistant is a fantastic entry-level role if you’re looking to get your foot in the door. You will assist the publishing company by reviewing a range of documents and collating them for publication, organizing data into reports such as publishing company financials, as well as extensive proofreading, which may include drafts of manuscripts.

You might also help with reception duties such as tracking finances and being in charge of important communications. Imagine the number of writers and potential authors you help every day; you may be reading the next bestseller. Don’t know how to manage your finances? here are some ways to track your monthly expenses.

2. Editorial Assistant

Do you have good attention to detail? This is similar to an editing wizard, but focuses primarily on editing rather than general-purpose editing tasks. As an editorial assistant, you can assist editors with every stage of editing, such as editing, spelling, style, structure, general fact-checking, and collaborating with authors as well as editing. with the publishing house.

You could also help with marketing or promotions for an author’s next book, and that’s always exciting.

3. Fiction Editor

Have you always loved reading fantasy novels? As a non-fiction editor, you may read and review fiction manuscripts as part of your daily work. You’ll spend time evaluating plot, flow, structure, readability, and grammar, and giving honest feedback to authors who want their books published.

In addition to fiction, you can go into non-fiction or literary publishing, depending on your preference. Instead of a publishing house, you can choose to edit for a magazine, newspaper, or digital publication with a strong focus on reviews and literary criticism.

4. Editing Specialist

No matter how much content is written for a business, a publishing specialist is always needed. This person has an important role to play in ensuring that all articles and content items are properly published to the company’s content management system.

This role includes proofreading, document management and verification of content before publication. For example, if a company uses Wix, its content should be published according to its design needs, such as being composed, formatted, and edited according to company standards.

5. Associate Editor

Are you looking for an entry-level position to get a taste of the publishing industry and have excellent organizational skills? An associate editor follows other editors in a publishing house, taking care of administrative tasks related to a magazine, newspaper, book publisher, or website. You may be assisting the editor with the next bestseller, so it’s an exciting career with many avenues to follow.

6. Content Developer

Are you good at coming up with ideas? Instead of writing the articles, a content developer is in charge of the strategies behind the content. You would be part of marketing campaigns, increase engagement, and plan or plan content for a business.

For example, you can offer topics related to the latest technology news. If you are a creative thinker and think you have what it takes to evolve a brand and give it a competitive edge, consider this role!

7. Writer

Are you good at persuasive writing? More and more companies need copywriters more than ever, and this area allows you to help companies sell their products or services. It’s a great field because it’s diverse in terms of what you can do.

If you are interested in more technical subjects such as writing manuals, you can work as a technical writer. Likewise, if you have a degree in psychology, you may be more inclined to come up with psychology websites. You want to know more ? Here is some technical writing jobs you can consider.

Public relations, brand writing, direct response writing, marketing writing, the options are endless. Work on company websites, email marketing, product descriptions, and social media, and pick a niche that works for you. Whatever your interest, you can use it to write amazing copy.

8. Content Writer

Content writing is very different from copywriting because it’s not written from a business perspective. As a content writer, you would be responsible for writing compelling product articles to help businesses sell their products or services.

For example, you could help a tech company sell its phones by writing smartphone blog posts. The key is to show that this company has the expertise and write it up.

9. Communications Coordinator

If public relations piques your interest, a communications coordinator may be for you. In this role, you are tasked with communicating information from one company to another, and it works as a versatile job type.

You could be responsible for speaking to past or current clients, negotiating contracts, securing partnerships, organizing promotional events or launching a company’s social media account. This is an ever-changing role, so it’s great if you enjoy being different every day and being in charge of important communications.

10. Copy Editor

Are you good at small details? Some editors are responsible for formatting, typography, and proofreading, but a copy editor is specifically responsible for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Whether assisting an author or a business in need, a copy editor ensures that writing is professional, precise and concise, maintains the correct style guide and suits the writer’s tone. .

This role involves a lot of back and forth, but it’s very rewarding for both the editor and the author! If you want to get a head start and improve your editing skills, here are some self-editing tips and tools to improve your writing.

Start a career in publishing

Whether you want to work for a range of e-books, companies or websites, the publishing field offers many opportunities that you can explore as a student or job seeker.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just developing your skills or if you’ve worked in a specific industry for many years, the publishing field can accommodate anyone. And if you’re a self-publisher, there’s a career for you, too.