Chef Antonio Bachour explains how the Thermomix can be used by professionals

The Thermomix TM6 is a versatile kitchen appliance that gets more done. This revolutionary equipment is ideal for amateur bakers and professional pastry chefs who want to create dynamic pastries, desserts and much more.

The TM6 is a smart device that handles the tedious parts of the kitchen, from planning meals and purchasing ingredients, including chopping, cooking and cleaning. Cookidoo, Thermomix’s robust recipe platform, offers step-by-step on-screen instructions to seamlessly guide users through the cooking process – automatically adjusting cook time, temperature and speed for each step. The device’s innovative technology allows users to whisk, caramelize, brown, chop, steam, sauté, stir, boil, knead, emulsify and more with just the push of a button.

One of the greatest Thermomix TM6 champions is chef Antonio Bachour. Several times a semi-finalist for the Outstanding Pastry Chef Award from the James Beard Foundation, Bachour uses TM6 in his own kitchens and has used Thermomix products for years. Bachour recently shared with To cook Magazine his advice for bakers and pastry chefs who have the Thermomix in their kitchen.

To cook: How can bakers and pastry chefs best use the Thermomix to make desserts and pastries?

Antonio Bachour: Bakers and pastry chefs can use the Thermomix to make almost 100% of the preparation of desserts and bread – including all custard, curds, sand, mousse, icings, breads and dough, etc. As you can see, I use the Thermomix to do almost everything. It gives you the perfect texture, cuts preparation time by 70% and most importantly, delivers precision and consistency for every recipe.

Since transparency and health are important to consumers, how can Thermomix simplify the ingredient process?

The best thing about the Thermomix is ​​the ability to cook items – such as eggs – that need to be prepared at a certain temperature. The Thermomix is ​​the only kitchen tool that can cook at such a precise preset temperature and will always have consistency at that temperature. The cooking process is completely transparent and the ability to maintain equipment hygiene is also essential.

When did you start using the Thermomix and how did your relationship with the brand change from there?

I started using the Thermomix over 25 years ago in Europe. I was fascinated by the speed of cooking and the incredible culinary textures it allowed me to create. The Thermomix is ​​really the most important piece of equipment in my kitchen and I use it every day.

Do you use the Thermomix in your personal life and in what ways?

I do! We have one at home as well as at the bakery – and we use it for almost everything there too. I taught my wife how to make soups, vegetables, steam perfectly, make hummus, dips, sauces, breads and of course desserts.

You use a lot of fruit and chocolate in your baking. Are these products ideal for use in Thermomix recipes?

Yes! I temper the chocolate, prepare all the fruit purees, creams and mousses in the TM6. We also make all the ganaches for truffles and macaroons with the Thermomix. Virtually any baking ingredient is ideal for use in the Thermomix.

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