Chronicles announced for the fourth quarter of 2022


Indie developer and publisher Big Trouble has revealed that it will release The King’s Dilemma: Chronicles sometime in Q4 2022. Drawing directly from the tabletop version, you’ll be tasked with leading the King’s Council for generations, monitoring the consequences of your decisions, and seeing how you handle the pressure atop the throne . . You’ll have to decide how best to use the kingdom’s resources and political position, as you’ll have to form alliances, solve dilemmas, and prepare for an uprising already foretold in an ancient prophecy. You can check out the latest trailer for the game down below.

Promotional image for The King’s Dilemma: Chroniclescourtesy of Big Trouble.

Welcome to the kingdom of Ankist, a place of daring expeditions, gruesome battles, cunning schemes and intriguing mysteries. You play as the “Head of the Council”, the leader of the King’s inner circle. Heed the advice of your Council of Houses or overrule their decisions. Face hundreds of dilemmas where every choice you make can affect your relationship with other Houses, influence the well-being and resources of the kingdom, and change the course of history itself. Discover the lands of Ankist through a story spanning dozens of generations, form alliances, survive betrayals, and prepare for the final uprising heralded by an ancient prophecy. Will you act for the greater good or will you only think of yourself?

  • Play as one of twelve different houses, each with its own narrative objective.
  • Discover over 300 story-based dilemmas across Ankist and its neighboring realms.
  • Choose branching narrative paths through six interwoven storylines.
  • Using influence or bribery to overturn Council decisions.
  • Make and break alliances within the Council Invest in research, technology, buildings and prepare for the final battle.
  • Play through the generations, choose your heir, his personality and his goals.
  • Explore multiple endings across numerous playthroughs, each lasting 3-4 hours.

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