Creative Ad-Tech Pioneer Relentlo Extends Game Capabilities to Metaverse

Relentlo, Inc.

Our new products help automate the process for games and brands and evolve our offerings.

Relentlo, a creative advertising technology platform delivering immersive, non-disruptive in-game advertising that enables brands to reach over 2.5 billion gamers globally, will showcase its core technology and unveil two new products at from the 36th Annual Game Developers Conference (GDC) this week. . Visitors can find Relentlo at booth #P1717.

In an effort to disrupt gaming and democratize brand access to the fastest growing advertising industry, Relentlo partners with game developers and brands to create immersive advertising experiences that go far beyond beyond pop-ups and banner ads. Founded in 2020 by 12 UC Berkeley high school dropouts, Relentlo has already partnered with dozens of mobile and console game publishers and titles, including Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite, Wildlife Studios, and Lockwood Group, to enable brands such as Amazon, Experian, KitKat, Home Depot, and FedEx to reach targeted in-game audiences. Relentlo offers game developers access to a lightweight software development kit (SDK) that they can download to choose items from their games that will be tagged, such as a billboard or in-game clothing item, before they go up for auction. Relentlo helps brands identify and target desired gaming audiences, design creatives, and render their branded objects seamlessly in games, providing in-depth analytics to optimize campaigns.

“We have always focused on delivering highly targeted, immersive and non-disruptive in-game campaigns starting in the low five-digit range,” said Neil Tewari, co-founder and CEO of Relentlo. “Our new products help automate the process for games and brands and take our offerings to the next level. With these new projects, brands can pitch NFT projects to billions of eyeballs and brands can get into some of the biggest triple-A games like Minecraft, Fortnite, and Roblox for prices in the low five-figure range.

At GDC, Relentlo will unveil two new products. The first is the Relentlo Metaverse, an advertising integration platform that adds non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as an advertising option, allowing game creators to work with brands to produce a range of NFTs that, for the first time ever, will allow users to unlock in-game items through more than one game. Once a user owns one of the NFTs, they will be able to unlock gaming experiences across a cohort of over 20 different games, creating a more immersive brand experience. Most NFT advertising opportunities to date have seen brands reach an audience of a few thousand, while the Relentlo Metaverse is expected to help brands generate over 5 billion impressions. Relentlo will select 20 games to participate in the Relentlo Metaverse based on applications received during the Game Developer Conference. All selected games will receive a payout of $50,000 to $150,000. To apply for selection, game creators can visit the Relentlo website at The final participants will be informed by e-mail.

The company is also unveiling the Relentlo Creator hub within its platform, which will combine games and creators across Fortnite, Minecraft, and Roblox. Brands will sign up through Relentlo to enter their estimated budget, desired gaming partner and ideal gaming experience, then can choose from a selection of top creators from the world’s biggest games to craft their ads. Relentlo helps brands partner with creators who provide strategic consulting services and creative ideas. Brands can start accessing the Creator Hub on March 21 by visiting

About Relentlo

Relentlo is a creative advertising technology platform delivering immersive, non-disruptive in-game advertising that enables brands to reach over 2.5 billion gamers worldwide. Founded in 2020 by avid gamers and Berkeley dropouts Neil Tewari and James Jiao, Relento has partnered with over 20 game publishers, including the creators of Minecraft, Roblox and Fortnite, to enable advertisers to reach targeted and engaged audiences through a platform that offers seamless brand integration across games, blockchain, metaverse and virtual reality. Relentlo is based in Berkeley, Calif., and has raised $2 million in funding from Rough Draft Ventures, Gen-Z Brand Consulting, and IF7. For more information, visit and follow @Relentlo_Inc on Twitter.


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