Developer Horror Cam Board Reveals Unreal Engine 5 Paranormal Tales Horror Game

Indie developer Horror Cam Committee unveils its Unreal Engine 5 horror game, Paranormal Tales, complete with a Patreon page and a terrifying trailer.

Paranormal Tales is a found horror game heavily influenced by the cancellation of Hideo Kojima PT and powered by Unreal Engine 5 which premiered with an utterly terrifying new trailer. The first release from the developer Horror Cam Committee, Paranormal Tales‘ The Patreon page features a trailer for the game giving players a brief but unsettling glimpse of what to expect from the PT-inspired horror Title.

Paranormal Tales is the debut title from developer Horror Cam Committee and publisher Joure, and the first trailer shows heavy influence from Hideo Kojima’s canceled horror game PT. PT was planned silent Hill reuniting the iconic Kojima with acclaimed horror director Guillermo del Toro and actor Norman Reedus, and was teased with a short playable demo on PS4 back in 2014. PT was eventually cancelled, the terrifying teaser has developed a cult following, with fans creating remakes of the horror short in everything from VRChat to dreams on PS4.


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The first one-minute trailer for Paranormal Talesstylized as pictures from a body camera, opens at night as an invisible man searches for his dog through a forest of barren trees strewn with leaves. As the search for the man becomes more frantic, the camera begins to sway wildly until it finally lands on what appears to be a woman in white suddenly scurrying, like an insect, rapidly towards the camera. After a failed attempt to seek refuge in a seemingly haunted house, the trailer closes with the woman in white screaming and floating towards the camera from a rooftop. This kind of found sequence approach is becoming more and more common in horror games and has recently been used to great effect on PC and console. horror game MADISON.

Paranormal Tales‘ The first trailer not only delivers real scares over its short runtime, but it also serves as a great showcase for the graphical fidelity available to developers with Unreal Engine 5. The game’s Steam listing promises to provide environments hyper-realistic experiences for players to explore as they play through a series of stand-alone experiences documenting the stories of those who have gone missing, with Paranormal Tales‘ Patreon page promising early access to demos and prototypes for supporters. Letting players take on the role of different characters throughout the game could potentially allow developers to Paranormal Tales present a more diverse cast, countering the seriousness lack of representation in many upcoming horror games.

For gamers looking for a terrifying new take on horror games, Paranormal Tales looks like it could offer a unique and visually stunning new take on in-game screams and frights. In an age when big-budget horror titles like the upcoming Silent Hill 2 remake become large companies again, Paranormal Tales A genre-neutral approach could help it stand out in an increasingly crowded field. If this thrilling new trailer is anything to go by, horror fans are in for a treat when the PT-inspired Paranormal Tales versions for PC.

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