Doom developer John Romero is working on a new FPS

Doom creator John Romero says he’s working on a new FPS game.

In a Tweeter (opens in a new tab) Earlier today, Romero tweeted to say he was hiring for Romero Games’ “new FPS.” The information in the tweet goes on to explain that the team is “working with a major publisher” on the game, which is “a brand new FPS with a new original IP”.

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If the team is currently in the hiring stage, the game will likely be in the early stages of development, but Romero’s tweet indicates that the studio is expanding. That of the workshop website (opens in a new tab) confirms that the game will be made with the “cutting edge technology” of Unreal Engine 5.

There is not much more to do at the moment, but some clues can be taken from the job listings available on this website. The multiple roles suggest a heavy emphasis on multiplayer – the senior level designer (opens in a new tab) requirements include “extensive experience” on “current-gen console or PC titles that featured a multiplayer component”, while the roles of Online Architect and Senior Multiplayer Programmer both suggest that online play will be important for the new project.

Beyond that, however, Romero Games states that “it’s far too early to share any further information” about the game.

While Romero is known for his work on the original Doom and Quake games, Romero Games – the studio he started in 2015 alongside his wife, Brenda – has a slightly broader remit. His most recent game was the strategy title Mafia Empire of Sin, which arrived in 2020, while Romero himself also worked on Sigil, a major Doom mod launched in 2019. following this game (opens in a new tab) was first mentioned in 2021, but it doesn’t appear that this project is related to the new IP.

Could we be in a new entry to our list of best FPS games?

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