E4m-Xaxis 2022 Report: Experts to Shine a Light on Evolving Programmatic Advertising

While the pandemic has slowed down the industry in many ways, it has taken digital advertising to new heights. The e4m-Xaxis report examines this phenomenon in detail and will be unveiled at the 2022 Programmatic Summit, to be held on December 17.

Dimpy Yadav, Managing Director of Xaxis India, qualifies it as follows: “After the pandemic, the world has entered a new era with altered behaviors and changes in touch points. Likewise, media has entered an era led by Martech in which pillars such as data, technology, measurement, inventory and expertise are more than ever driving the evolution of programmatic media. Such advanced media metrics surely lead to a impactful and effective media strategy, but have also created a bit of complexity for our advertisers. With the Programmatic Report, our aim is to guide readers through the world of the new media age and help them make effective decisions to adopt the programmatic strategies.

Fiona Tate, Senior Director of Operational Excellence, Xaxis, will discuss the future of digital advertising in her keynote address as she explores best practices and technologies in the field of data analytics, marketing, ‘deep learning, process exploration, performance marketing and business intelligence to create efficient, rapid and scalable value-added processes.

The summit will see a plethora of in-depth discussion and exploration by leaders in the advertising industry and a cavalcade of marketing professionals, as well as industry captains who use these resources to better serve their clients and organizations.

Silvia Sparry, Global Chief Operating Officer, Xaxis, will deliver the second keynote address, on how AI in programmatic artificial intelligence has radically changed digital advertising and helped create an ecosystem where communication personalization is essential for maximizing return on investment in media. AI allows them to know more precisely the context and state of mind of users, in order to increase the relevance, usefulness and performance of advertising.

The full summit agenda can be viewed here.

As Yadav notes, “In 2022, programmatic media are expected to further drive innovation, inclusion and intelligence. Especially with the growth of media channels beyond display and video, it has become essential for advertisers to create a media mix based on an omnichannel approach, powered by data and activated effectively using the latest technologies such as tools powered by artificial intelligence that help index unprecedented amounts of data in real time to help advertisers achieve results from their media campaigns.

Indeed, she and other industry panelists will discuss how programming enables a “Data-Driven Creative” approach that will elevate consumers’ experiences with media advertising. For example, innovative ad formats that drive actions through user voice commands make life easier for advertisers and add more value to brands by driving higher engagement.

Please join us for the Programmatic Summit. To register, click on https://e4mevents.com/webinar/programmatic-summit/register

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