Elektor July/August 2022: Test and Measurement

Members of the Elektor community have always taken their test and measurement equipment seriously, which is why we dedicate an entire issue to these topics each year. Take advantage of the July/August edition!

Members of the Elektor community have always taken their test and measurement equipment seriously, which is why our in-house lab team puts a lot of time and effort into tools like the Elektor LCR Meter Kit and Elektor Dual DC LISN 150kHz – 200MHz. The community’s interest in these topics is also the reason why we devote an entire issue each year to Test and Measurement tools and projects. Take advantage of the July/August issue!

In the July/August 2022 edition

In addition to covering test and measurement solutions, the July/August 2022 edition features articles on a variety of other interesting topics. Looked.

  • Low-cost audio tester: using PC-based software and USB audio interface
  • Disruption of Test and Measurement Equipment: Small Player Innovation
  • AC network frequency meter: monitor mains frequency and voltage
  • A modest inductance meter: an affordable solution for your workbench
  • Getting started with your oscilloscope: finding your way through potentiometers and buttons
TOC July August 2022 test and measurement.jpg
  • Humidity sensors for irrigation systems: automatic watering
  • Simple analog ESR meter with moving coil meter accuracy
  • ADS1013D Low Budget Tablet Oscilloscope: Good Value for Money?
  • Acoustic Wave Hover: An Overview of the Makerfabs Acoustic Levitation Kit
  • Pokit Meter Review: A Swiss Army Knife of Testing Equipment
inductance meter project
  • Getting started in electronics: rectifiers
  • E-FFWD: again looking to the future!
  • Raspberry Pi Pico makes an MSF-SDR: decoding a time signal with a Pi Pico SDR
  • Inspiration is what it’s all about: interview with entrepreneur Walter Arkesteijn, InnoFaith Beauty Sciences
  • Minimize EMC interference from storage chokes
  • Graphical interfaces with Python (Part 5): Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Reed relays: special parts, the series
  • Sigfox CO2 traffic light: no need for a Wi-Fi network!
CO2 traffic light
  • Women in Tech: “It’s all about merit until merit has breasts”
  • Smart Plug Teardown: Which Are Hacker-Friendly?
  • Skin impedance and skin capacitance: small experiments
  • From life experience: no local businesses
  • Hexadoku: the original Elektorized Sudoku

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