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Interested in the Internet of Things and embedded systems? Join Mathias Claussen and Jens Nickel on June 9, 2022 for a free webinar on ESP32 and IoT. Register today.

If you’re interested in the Internet of Things (IoT) and embedded systems, Elektor has the perfect webinar for you. In the new May/June 2022 edition of Elektor, Elektor Senior Engineer Mathias Claussen presents a beginner-friendly IoT project based on the new ESP32-C3 with a RISC-V core. “The best way to learn how to connect your own apps to the IoT is to start with a simple practical example,” he explains in the article, which showcases a simple Wi-Fi button and relay. June 9, 2022 titled “ESP32 and the IoT”, Mathias and Elektor Editor Jens Nickel will take a closer look at the details and answer your question. Register today!

As a participant you will learn how the ESP32 can be connected to the cloud so that it can be controlled remotely from all over the world. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about ESP32-C3 and its potential for IoT applications.

ESP32-C3 and the IoT

Here is an excerpt from Claussen’s article:

“When we talk about the Internet of Things (IoT), we recognize that more and more things in our daily lives are connected to the Internet. It starts with lights, heaters and sensors in the home and continues with cars, traffic lights, shipping containers and much more. Small network-enabled components are installed in each of the connected objects, allowing the exchange of information. The best way to learn how to connect your own applications to IoT is to start with a simple practical exercise example. In this article, we create a link between a Wi-Fi enabled push button and a Wi-Fi enabled relay; the relay can be activated remotely by the button and signals its status to the push button.”

Read the full May/June 2022 issue of Elektor.

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