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What is an e-zine? Well, an e-zine is an online magazine that is related to a specific niche / market and usually creates huge lists with highly targeted subscribers in that particular niche / market. There is a great benefit to getting into e-zine marketing and making it part of your traffic generation methods.

When you market to a large audience as targeted as ezine traffic, you will gain traffic and authority in your niche. How are you going to generate traffic from the e-zines? There are only two ways to generate traffic from free or paid ezines. There is always a free way to get traffic, you just need to know how. Let’s start with the free e-zines traffic generation form.

Free ezine traffic

There is one and only one way to harness free e-zine traffic. This is article writing. Keep in mind that you are writing for an online magazine and most of them have offline magazines as well. You want to make sure you write a completely original article for each ezine you submit as well. You need to acquire a good knowledge of the topic of your article, so that you can deliver quality to their subscribers when your article is sent.

When you submit your article to ezines, they will usually send your article to their list of subscribers. Remember when I mentioned that ezines build huge lists, this is where you can profit and generate traffic without having your own list. When you write a good quality article and the e-zine approves it, the traffic you can potentially get from your article is amazing.

Don’t let this article scare you, writing an article is not that difficult and can be done, and you don’t have to be a pro in your niche. All you have to do is write something that gives e-zine subscribers something relevant and that stands out a bit.

Be very creative in your writing and stay focused. Don’t get caught up in using bad words and trying to find out more than yourself. Be specific and draw attention to the subscribers and the e-zine owner.

Paid Marketing E-zine

The easiest way to send your message to an ezine list is to pay for advertising in their current newsletter. This can take the form of solo ads, classified ads, and banner ads.

Solo ads

Solo ads are just that, an email sent to a list of ezines that is just about you and your post, linking back to your site. With a solo ad, you can grab attention and drive good targeted traffic to your site. There will be guidelines that you will need to follow when creating a solo ad. It depends on the e-zine as well as the price. I have seen solo ads as low as $ 50 and up to $ 4000 so this can be done if your budget is low.

You can leverage a solo ad buy by sending that traffic to a squeeze page building your listing, a review page for a particular product in the niche you’re in, or a sales page. from your own product or from someone else.

The traffic for a solo ad is already targeted, and the chances of a new visitor to your site taking action are far greater than general advertising. Find out what solo ads can do for you.

Classifieds and banner ads

Classified ads and banners belong to the same category. Your ad will be placed in a specific place in the newsletter and the cost of the ad depends on placement. With classifieds, you write text to generate clicks, and with banners, you display an image to generate clicks.

You will typically pay for 1 to 5 issues of the newsletter for which your ad will be displayed. Some e-zines will allow you to pay the cost per print, but most will be per issue.

Classifieds and banners are generally much cheaper than solo ads, but require testing and time and can add up. They work and you can experiment, but if you are looking to pay to advertise with ezines I highly suggest solo ads.


If you want to do this on your own, you’ll first need to find the e-zines you want to submit articles to if they accept them, and work with them personally to advertise. You’re going to want to make sure that they won’t rip you off and take your money as well. I know it sucks, but there are people who do that. Hope this article has been informative and can help you in your internet marketing career.

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