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At times like these, when nothing seems to be working in the financial markets, risk parity strategies should act as a kind of shock absorber. It’s a simple concept, really. Unless you have reason to believe that one investment is better than another, you should take equal risk in each. This gives you maximum diversification, and diversification is still the only free lunch in finance.

Risk parity gained popularity during the crash of 2008, but interest gradually declined over the following years when the stock market only rose. Diversification has become cool again since the start of the pandemic as a mitigant in an uncertain and unstable world. But these funds have not always managed to perform as advertised, leaving investors, especially non-professionals, with unexpected losses.

While risk parity has been interpreted in various ways, the working definition for asset managers today is a fund that tries to take equal volatility between stocks, bonds and commodities, with overall volatility target which is most often 10% per year. This is approximately the volatility of a classic portfolio invested 60% in stocks and 40% in bonds. But because equities are more volatile than bonds, 60/40 has taken 82% of its equity risk over the past 10 years and therefore gained only limited diversification benefit from bonds and none from commodities. . In theory, and based on empirical evidence going back decades, risk parity should deliver consistently better returns with the same volatility as 60/40.

However, over the past 10 years, taking excessive risk on stocks has been a winning move. Equities averaged 10.9% pa, bonds -0.9% and commodities -0.4%.(1) As a result, the risk parity index did not reported as 6.0% with a realized volatility of 10.8%, compared to 6.3% with a volatility of 10.1% for a 60/40 Portfolio.(2)

But as Cliff Asness, chief investment officer of AQR Capital Management LLC (who I spent a decade working for) points out, that’s not the way to look at it for most investors. If you had to choose between putting all your money in a risk parity fund versus 60% in stocks and 40% in bonds, you would choose the higher return and lower volatility. But most investors think of adding risk parity to an existing portfolio. Risk parity has an “alpha” relative to 60/40, which means that a combination of risk parity and 60/40 does better than 60/40 alone. If you put 20% in risk parity and 80% in 60/40, you’ve had an annual return of 6.3% over the past 10 years, with volatility of 9.8% — essentially the same return as 60 /40 with a little less volatility.

While these statistics are not inspiring, remember that they were made during the longest equity bull market in history, when bonds and commodities lost money. Few investors have the confidence that will characterize the next 10 years. Given that risk parity was only slightly below 60/40 on an absolute basis, and added value when combined with 60/40, in the worst possible market, there is reason to think it might be a good addition to stock/bond portfolios in the future.

Stocks are down 16.5% with 19.8% volatility over the past year, and bonds are down even more, 19.8% with 6.3% volatility. Thus, 60/40 was crushed, losing 17.5% with a volatility of 13.5%. In this disastrous year, risk parity didn’t work well – two-thirds of its risk was in underperforming assets – but it was helped by a record 22.9% return for commodities. (although with an exorbitant volatility of 20.2%). Net income was a down year, minus 11.3% with volatility of 14.3%, but a strong performance compared to 60/40. Over the past year, an 80% 60/40 portfolio with a risk parity of 20% added 1.2% to annual returns and reduced volatility by 0.5% compared to a pure 60/40 portfolio .

Unfortunately, while risk parity works in theory and has a respectable track record over the past decade, the risk parity funds made available to the public have not lived up to the theory. The table below shows statistics for some public funds over the past year (the UPAR Ultra Risk Parity ETF only has 36 weeks of data and AQR has renamed its risk parity fund, although it still follows the principles of risk parity while having added active management).

Why do most public funds lag so far behind the index? Two reasons. First, the S&P Risk Parity Index ended up taking 5.0% volatility on stocks, 6.2% on commodities and 6.5% on bonds. Of course, it tries to achieve equal volatility across all three asset classes, but it’s impossible to perfectly predict future volatility. The RPAR allocation was 4.1%/2.4%/5.3%, a significant underweight in commodities. PanAgora did better, 6.0%/4.5%/5.2%, but still underweight commodities. UPAR was unbalanced with 9.2%/3.6%/7.5%. Wealthfront actually had short equity volatility, with -1.1%/3.0%/4.0%. Only the AQR was close to parity with 3.9%/4.6%/4.7%.

The second reason was performance relative to a constant allocation. The S&P Risk Parity Index beat a constant allocation to the three asset classes by 9.0%. This outperformance stems from the modification of allocations during the year to maintain constant volatility, which contributed significantly to performance. Basically, volatility rose in asset classes before prices fell and fell before prices rose.

The RPAR lost 2.9% due to the constant allocation, which in addition to the change in allocation is caused by the fees (the S&P index and the component indices are displayed without fees) and also by the selection of portfolios stocks, commodities and bonds that differ from indices. PanAgora lost 5.5% at constant allocation, UPAR lost 4.7% and Wealthfront lost 13.0%. Only the AQR fund wins, 5.9%.

This is not a year calculated to bring investors back to risk parity. Most risk parity funds in the market have provided dismal returns and even the best fund and the index have lost money. Quants will continue to sing the praises of diversification and alpha, but until retail risk parity managers can get closer to theory and we get a period of actual positive returns, I think risk parity will remain an institutional strategy.

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(1) For equities, this is the S&P Eurozone, US and Japan LargeMidCap index. All indices are in US dollars and represent total returns. For bonds, this is the S&P Global Developed Aggregate Ex-Collateralized Bond Index. For commodities, this is the Dow Jones Commodity Index.

(2) This is the S&P Risk Parity Index – 10% Target Volatility.

This column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Editorial Board or of Bloomberg LP and its owners.

Aaron Brown is a former Managing Director and Head of Capital Markets Research at AQR Capital Management. He is the author of “The Poker Face of Wall Street”. He may have an interest in the areas he writes about.

More stories like this are available at bloomberg.com/opinion

]]> Jewelery raids: Police make 14 arrests in Auckland and Waikato https://www.tempo-visuel.com/jewelery-raids-police-make-14-arrests-in-auckland-and-waikato/ Tue, 27 Sep 2022 06:07:00 +0000 https://www.tempo-visuel.com/jewelery-raids-police-make-14-arrests-in-auckland-and-waikato/

Fourteen youths have been arrested in Auckland and Waikato for their alleged involvement in a string of recent robberies – including the broad daylight robbery of a jewelry store in Hamilton on Sunday.

Auckland Police have apprehended six people following an aggravated robbery at a shopping complex in St Lukes last week.

The ‘Operation Rhino’ investigation team arrested and charged an 18-year-old man and five youths on Monday night for their involvement in an aggravated robbery of a retail store in the St Lukes complex on Tuesday September 20.

* Theft in broad daylight: a group armed with hammers enters the jewelry stores in the mall
* Vigilante thief who chased shoe thief avoids conviction and earns judge’s praise
* Traumatic night of robbery and violence on a remote farm

These six alleged perpetrators, along with two other youths, have also been charged with conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery after the group was located by police in two vehicles in East Auckland on Monday night.

A quantity of jewelry and other items were found by the investigation team during a subsequent search of the vehicles.

One of those arrested in East Auckland last night has been charged with the aggravated robbery of Michael Hill Jeweler at The Base in Hamilton on Sunday.

24092022 News Photo: Supplied/STUFF Flight to base

MARK TAYLOR/Waikato Times

24092022 News Photo: Supplied/STUFF Flight to base

The eight alleged offenders arrested overnight will appear in Auckland District Court and juvenile courts respectively in due course.

Another alleged young offender has already been charged with his involvement in the case, which is currently in youth court.

Investigations are ongoing into other aggravated robberies and burglaries across Tāmaki Makaurau which police allege the group is responsible for.

Meanwhile, six youths have been arrested following a robbery at a Hamilton bottle store.

Police were called to the store on Borman Road in Flagstaff around 6:50 p.m. Monday to reports that the store had been burglarized.

The offenders had entered the store on foot, armed with weapons including machetes, tire irons and screwdrivers.

They threatened the traders with weapons and fled in two vehicles. Vehicles were not used to enter the store.

One of the vehicles was seen shortly afterwards by police personnel on Hukanui Rd, before being found on Chedworth Pl.

Officers quickly set up cordons and quickly located the six people believed to have been involved in the theft, from both vehicles.

Some of the weapons were inside the vehicles and another in a nearby garden.

Two of the youths were scheduled to appear in Hamilton Youth Court on Tuesday, while the other four are due in court on Wednesday.

Police said they still want to hear from anyone with information, including footage of the incidents.

People can do this by calling the police on 105 or online at , using ‘Update my report’ referring to case number 220920/9009.

Photos or videos can be uploaded via this online portal: they can also be emailed to the dedicated Operation Rhino email address: oprhino@police.govt.nz

Information can also be provided anonymously via Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.

]]> E3 2023 dates revealed https://www.tempo-visuel.com/e3-2023-dates-revealed/ Mon, 26 Sep 2022 14:36:22 +0000 https://www.tempo-visuel.com/e3-2023-dates-revealed/

It was previously said that E3 2023 would return for 2023 after skipping its annual show this year, and final dates have now been announced.

The exhibit will return to the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) for a four-day exhibition between Tuesday, June 13 and Friday, June 16, 2023. Separate days and spaces for industry and consumers are planned. E3 also says it will “support and elevate partnered digital events taking place starting June 11 and running throughout the show.”

E3 Business Days will be held between Tuesday, June 13 and Thursday, June 15, exclusively for registered industry personnel to network in person, hold professional meetings, and connect with licensors and distributors. Dedicated, industry-only lobbies and spaces will be available here, and media can familiarize themselves with upcoming games showcased by developers and publishers around the world.

E3 Gamer Days will follow between Thursday, June 15 and Friday, June 16 in a different room than the industry, inviting consumers to learn about the future of gaming and connect with developers, content creators , media personalities, etc. The area will house a dedicated Content Theater, open to ticket holders, which will run during these days and offer in-depth looks at highly anticipated titles.

ReedPop Vice President of Games Kyle Marsden-Kish said, “E3 is one of the rare opportunities for the global gaming industry to come together, unite as one strong voice, and show the world what she creates. Our vision is to bring the industry together by reviving the traditional E3 week, bringing back that spark, and restoring E3’s role as a truly magical global event for game creators and consumers alike.

Media registration for E3 2023 will begin in December 2022. We’ll also hear about confirmed exhibitors, hotel and travel guides, event schedules and more in the months ahead.

Source: E3 PR

]]> Ad Campaigns…Colors of Attraction – ARAB TIMES https://www.tempo-visuel.com/ad-campaigns-colors-of-attraction-arab-times/ Sat, 24 Sep 2022 18:49:21 +0000 https://www.tempo-visuel.com/ad-campaigns-colors-of-attraction-arab-times/

This post has been read 315 times!

Print election advertisements in decline in Kuwait

KUWAIT CITY, September 24: Choosing the right colors for any advertisement makes all the difference between scaring off customers and/or bringing them into your store, restaurant or even election campaign. In Kuwait’s National Assembly elections in 2022, parliamentary hopefuls choose their campaign designs and slogans, but they’ve focused their attention on choosing the most eye-catching formation to say they’re here and ready to serve the people. In an interview with the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), art critic professor Dr. Reham Al-Rughaib said roads in Kuwait and various media platforms were overrun with election campaigns using an assortment of colors with varying degrees of alleged attractiveness.

A large number of male and female voters flocked to a number of electoral seats

Some candidates use certain colors to display their political and ideological alignments, she said, revealing that she noticed blue was mostly used by male candidates to evoke feelings of calm and tranquility. If a candidate uses the color red, he mostly emits feelings of courage and confrontation, which some like about MPs, Dr Al-Rugaib said. Orange says the person is trying to be creative, yellow reflects happiness, gray represents an unbiased view, white is reflected on the dishdasha (traditional clothing worn by men) that most applicants wear, and black is usually used for fonts, she said. For her part, psychology consultant and color therapist Suhair Al-Mufidi said colors play a vital role in attracting votes because of their scientific and psychological impact on human beings. People usually choose warm colors such as orange, red and yellow to attract attention, while cool colors are used to radiate calm and peace, Al-Mufidi added.

Those who use a combination of black and gold in their campaigns mean that they live by being authoritarian and prestigious in the case of black and silver, the candidates displayed authoritarian tendencies and a social nature, a- she added. Dr. Saleh Al-Saeedi, a professor of psychology at Kuwait University (KU), also said that choosing the right color was important to show where the candidates came from and what they were ready to do for them. reach parliament. Dr Al-Saeedi said the color orange, for example, was mainly used to display affiliation to certain groups or blocs, adding that some candidates would choose colors to calm people down and try to trust their abilities.

On the commercial front, advertising company partner Abdullah Al-Fadhli said most candidates in this year’s elections preferred to choose the colors of the Kuwaiti flag in their advertisements. Blue was the most popular color, while red and orange have an equal presence on various billboards and social media ads, he added. Al-Fahdli’s colleague at the same company and head of marketing, Abbas Mandani, noticed that most candidates did not deviate when using colors for their campaigns. Mandani that far beyond the choice of color to use in advertising, there is an overwhelming sense of change on the horizon when it comes to this election.

Meanwhile, print election advertisements appeared to be on the decline, especially during the current campaign for the 2022 National Assembly elections in Kuwait on September 29. computers. This apparent decline of print media was not born recently, it coincided with the huge leap in technology seen in our modern age. Speaking to KUNA on the matter, the editor of Al-Anbaa news daily, Mohammad Al-Husseini, said that election campaigns in recent years have seen a decline in advertising using the print medium, noting that around 85% of advertisements in newspapers these days look to social media platforms for praise.

Print media typically target petitioners, business leaders and likely government employees, Al-Husseini added. The high cost of advertising in print media also appears to be a culprit for the decline, he said. Meanwhile, Abdullah Al-Ulaiyan – editor of Al-Nukhba online news – said print media has not completely disappeared from the scene, revealing that a large part of the public still read print newspapers. Some preferred to read the daily via PDF format, Al-Ulaiyan noted, adding that newspapers these days are also venturing into platforms such as YouTube, WhatsApp and others to deliver their content to the masses. He indicated that the whole idea of ​​killing print media was far-fetched, saying that digital media could not undo its print counterpart and vice versa.

Traditional media like radio, television and newspapers could expand their reach and have a digital arm to continue being relevant nowadays, Al-Ulaiyan added. For his part, media professor at Kuwait University (KU), Dr. Mohammad Al-Otaibi, said the decline in election advertising in the print media was not something recent, the advent and the proliferation of social media had played a crucial role in this regard. Social media and the digital platform have a wide and extensive reach, attracting thousands if not millions of audiences, he noted, indicating that candidates in these elections had paid attention to the power of digital media to attract voters and convince them to give them their vote. Despite the massive reach of digital media platforms, Kuwaitis still prefer to visit candidates’ headquarters to see what they have to offer in the 2022 National Assembly elections. Eligible voters seem to be obsessed with the idea that they need to see the candidates in person before deciding to vote on September 29. (Report by Sahad Kamal, Nasser Al-Otaibi and Nasser Al-Shalabi – KUNA)

Prince Harry ‘chartered a £30,000 private jet to Balmoral on the day the Queen died’ https://www.tempo-visuel.com/prince-harry-chartered-a-30000-private-jet-to-balmoral-on-the-day-the-queen-died/ Sat, 24 Sep 2022 09:56:41 +0000 https://www.tempo-visuel.com/prince-harry-chartered-a-30000-private-jet-to-balmoral-on-the-day-the-queen-died/

Prince Harry ‘chartered a £30,000 private jet to Balmoral on the day the Queen died’ as it is claimed he learned of the monarch’s death following a last-minute announcement on line

  • Harry and Meghan were in the UK by coincidence when the Queen died
  • The Prince did not join other members of the Royal Family as they traveled to Balmoral to see the Queen
  • King Charles reportedly made it clear Meghan Markle couldn’t join Balmoral
  • Reports say Harry discovered the Queen’s death on his phone on the plane

Prince Harry paid £30,000 for a private jet to reach Balmoral on the day of the Queen’s death before learning of her death from a news app on his phone minutes before landing, it said -we reported.

Harry and Meghan were in the UK by coincidence when news about the Queen’s failing health began to emerge.

King Charles and Princess Anne were with the Queen at Balmoral, while Prince Andrew, Prince William and Prince Edward were flown to Aberdeen Airport on a royal plane.

Harry, who is no longer a member of the royal family since moving to California with Meghan, spoke to King Charles who reportedly said “very clearly” that Meghan Markle was unwelcome, according to reports.

Britain’s new king phoned his youngest son and told him it was ‘not appropriate’ for the former Suits actress to be there, according to reports, much to Harry’s frustration.

It is also claimed that in the ensuing row, in which Harry fought to persuade his father to allow Meghan to come with him, he missed a flight carrying William and their uncles Andrew and Edward to Scotland – and with him the chance to say goodbye.

Pictured: The Duke of Sussex looks grim on a trip from Aberdeen to Balmoral on the day the Queen died

Harry was reportedly so furious after the argument that he dined with Prince Andrew, then Prince Edward, instead of his brother and father.  Pictured: The Prince of Wales, the Duke of York and the Earl and Countess of Wessex arrive at Balmoral following the Queen's death

Harry was reportedly so furious after the argument that he dined with Prince Andrew, then Prince Edward, instead of his brother and father. Pictured: The Prince of Wales, the Duke of York and the Earl and Countess of Wessex arrive at Balmoral following the Queen’s death

A private plane was then mapped to get Harry to Balmoral as quickly as possible to join the rest of the Royal Family.

Although initial reports suggest Harry discovered the Queen’s death through a phone call from his father, The Telegraph reported that the call was never successful.

King Charles repeatedly tried to reach Harry, who knew he was trying to contact him, but was unable to speak to his son before the Queen died.

Instead, Harry heard of Her Majesty delivering a last-minute notification to her phone.

However, palace sources insisted the official announcement “has not been made until all family members have been notified”.

A source said: ‘The official announcement has been delayed until everyone has been made aware,’ a source said.

Prince Harry at Aberdeen International Airport following the Queen's death at Balmoral

Prince Harry at Aberdeen International Airport following the Queen’s death at Balmoral

Harry returned to his wife Meghan after joining the Royal Family late at Balmoral

Harry returned to his wife Meghan after joining the Royal Family late at Balmoral

Prince Harry is said to have snubbed his father and brother at a dinner party at Balmoral after the new king banned his wife from attending.  Pictured: King Charles III and the Duke of Sussex walk alongside Princess Anne as they arrive at the Queen's Committal Service in Windsor on September 19

Prince Harry is said to have snubbed his father and brother at a dinner party at Balmoral after the new king banned his wife from attending. Pictured: King Charles III and the Duke of Sussex walk alongside Princess Anne as they arrive at the Queen’s Committal Service in Windsor on September 19

“Part of the problem was getting hold of the Duke of Sussex.”

Photos of Harry arriving at Balmoral by car showed the prince looking gloomy and downcast.

Once there, he reportedly snubbed dinner with the King, furious that Meghan was not allowed to join him at Balmoral.

He would have eaten with Prince Andrew, Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex instead.

Others have denied the claims, with one source saying “no dinner invitations have been issued”.

Another added: ‘It’s all less coordinated and more chaotic than people think.

“It was a difficult and upsetting day for everyone.”


Meta invites creators to engage more with the platform by releasing a guide on how to go viral on Facebook / Digital Information World https://www.tempo-visuel.com/meta-invites-creators-to-engage-more-with-the-platform-by-releasing-a-guide-on-how-to-go-viral-on-facebook-digital-information-world/ Fri, 23 Sep 2022 18:00:00 +0000 https://www.tempo-visuel.com/meta-invites-creators-to-engage-more-with-the-platform-by-releasing-a-guide-on-how-to-go-viral-on-facebook-digital-information-world/

Meta recently released a guide detailing how the Facebook News Feed algorithm works and how it can be used to achieve success.

Learning how to crack the algorithm is something every major or even beginner content creator dreams of; I imagine it’s easy to imagine direct secret paths to success that don’t involve a lot of hard work. However, there is no ultimate shortcut, and everyone needs to put in the work to achieve effective results. Naturally, platforms like Facebook are increasingly interested in having their user base make such an effort, as more creators make the site more profitable. This is why, following such reflection, the social network decided to produce an infographic accompanied by a complete article which breaks down the algorithm of the news feed, what attracts it and what does not. not attract.

First, the article explains what a message is and the types of audiences that are attracted to it. Naturally, factors such as friend lists, location, and topic have a huge influence on how effective any piece of content will be with the community as a whole. Therefore, for starters, it’s important to stay social online to maintain a modicum of success. People who interact with larger groups of accounts will naturally have more audience members to engage with or invite to engage with.

The reach and engagement levels of an individual’s posts are also strongly determined by how well they are shared by the community as a whole; therefore, it is important that the messages appeal to the masses just enough to invite such behavior. Facebook also decides to categorize posts according to whether they are more likely to be shared by an individual’s friends or by the platform’s community as a whole. This is what developers call a connected or unconnected distribution model. The latter will naturally lead to greater numbers, but it will take time and patience to establish such a connection with individuals in general.

The article even links to an entirely separate story from 2021 that specifies how the News Feed decides what to favor and what not. Spoiler alert: this largely depends on the commercial appeal of the release, so maybe save relatively more mature content for other platforms such as Clubhouse (ok, just kidding, let’s not be reckless here ).

Read next: Facebook introduces new Page features to help creators connect and get discovered

Top 4 Best No Decline Online Payday Loans https://www.tempo-visuel.com/top-4-best-no-decline-online-payday-loans/ Fri, 23 Sep 2022 11:43:58 +0000 https://www.tempo-visuel.com/top-4-best-no-decline-online-payday-loans/

No-denial payday loans are one of the best alternatives for Canadians who are strapped for cash but can’t wait for loans from high street lenders or aren’t qualified for most loans.

However, although the Canadian no-decline payday loan often sounds fantastic, you should understand all of its terms and conditions before taking one.

This article will look at the top three no-decline online payday loans that even Canadians with bad credit can qualify for. Let’s start!

What is a No Decline Online Payday Loan

No denial loan is simple to get since there are few restrictions. Because there aren’t many credit checks, anyone with a respectable salary can apply.

The worst thing you can experience when applying for a loan is to have your application turned down. This can be very concerning if your funds are tight or you have a bad credit history. While many lenders would flatly reject your loan application. We don’t think it’s fair to deny loans to clients just because they’ve had financial problems before.

1. Viva Payday Loans

Viva payday loans are one of the best payday loans no refusal options. They offer quick and secure access to loans tailored to borrowers’ financial needs.

Plus, unlike most loans, loans from Vivaloans can be used to pay for anything from substantial purchases like home renovations and debt consolidation to small expenses like a few dollars to push you through to your next one. paycheck.

Additionally, Viva’s user interface is easy to use, allowing borrowers to complete the loan application in less than 5 minutes. You only need to show proof of identity, employment and income when applying for the loan.

After your application, the Viva team will review the details to confirm your qualifications. They will then connect you with a direct lender who can better meet your financial needs, and the lender will deposit the money in your bank within 24 hours.

Most lenders that Viva Payday Loan has partnered with offer you the option of repaying in installments, sometimes up to 60 months. On the other hand, short-term lenders give borrowers the option to repay as soon as their next paycheck, especially for loans with a lower amount.[artneredwithprovidingyouwiththeoptiontorepayinseveralmonthlyinstallmentssometimesforaslongas60monthsOntheotherhandshort-termlendersgiveborrowersthechancetorepayassoonastheirnextpaycheckespeciallyforloansofalesserloanamount[artneredwithprovidingyouwiththeoptiontorepayinseveralmonthlyinstallmentssometimesforaslongas60monthsOntheotherhandshort-termlendersgiveborrowersthechancetorepayassoonastheirnextpaycheckespeciallyforloansofalesserloanamount

Payments are made using the same bank account the loan funds were placed into. Additionally, their lenders report to major credit reporting agencies and will report when borrowers make payments on time. Responsible borrowers have the opportunity to increase their credit score.


  • Several direct lenders
  • No fees required
  • Accept people with bad credit
  • Easy to use interface
  • Fast application process

The inconvenients

  • Only available online
  • It does not cover all lenders

3. Instant Payday

Instant Payday is a trusted lending site for all lenders in Canada; the site offers many loan options. So if you’re stuck and can’t get out of your financial bottlenecksyou can apply for any of their loans online without refusal anywhere in Canada.

When they receive your request, their staff will quickly review your details to understand the best payment option for your case, allowing you to manage your financial situation without worrying about reimbursing them instantly. Instant Payday Loans Canada offers up to $2,500.

This company understands how difficult and stressful financial emergencies such as medical bills, home repairs, and emergency financial assistance for your business can be. Instant Payday is ready to help you find a quick and easy option to endure such difficult conditions.


  • Provides easy access to loans
  • They offer up to $2,500
  • Their user interface is easy to use
  • They charge reasonable interest rates
  • The application process is quick and easy

The inconvenients

  • Their interest rates vary from one direct lender to another
  • Not all borrowers are eligible

4. Simple credit

Simple Credit offers Canadians online no-rejection loans up to $1,500. They accept applicants who often don’t qualify for loans at major banks and have an approval record of over 94% and a customer satisfaction score of over 95%.

Their services have a paperless approach, which allows borrowers to apply wherever they are. Plus, they don’t do credit checks, which will be in your best interest if you have bad credit.

Single credit loans are also known to help loan seekers solve their short-term financial problems quickly and efficiently.


  • Fast application process
  • Has an approval record of 94
  • Allows even borrowers with bad credit

The inconvenients


Using conventional lenders like credit unions and banks is often alluring. The downside is that processing requests with traditional lenders could take some time. You may have already had to compromise at this point.

You need to consider your options before taking out a traditional loan when you can’t afford to wait a few weeks without this necessary fundamental. Due to new rules, payday loans are now more accessible than ever in Canada.

Major Giants UnitedHealth Group, Liberty Mutual, GEICO – InsuranceNewsNet https://www.tempo-visuel.com/major-giants-unitedhealth-group-liberty-mutual-geico-insurancenewsnet/ Fri, 23 Sep 2022 00:29:26 +0000 https://www.tempo-visuel.com/major-giants-unitedhealth-group-liberty-mutual-geico-insurancenewsnet/

New JerseyNJ–(SBWIRE)– 09/22/2022 – The insurance advertising market has witnessed continuous growth over the past few years and is expected to grow at a good pace during the forecast period 2022-2028. Exploration provides a 360° view and insights, highlighting key findings from Insurance Advertising industry. This information helps business decision makers formulate better business plans and make informed decisions to improve profitability. Moreover, the study helps emerging or emerging players to understand the businesses to make informed decisions. Some of the major and emerging players in the market are UnitedHealth GroupLiberty Mutual, GEICO, Allstate Corporation, Berkshire Hathaway, The progressive societyMetLife, State Farm Mutual, National Mutua, Admiral groupAmerican family mutual, Farmers Insurance Group and Hastings Insurance.

If you are part of Insurance Advertising market, then assess how you are perceived compared to your competitors; Get an accurate view of your business by Global insurance advertising market with the latest study published by HTF MI

Get Free Sample Report + All Related Charts & Graphs @: https://www.htfmarketreport.com/sample-report/2891624-2020-2029-report-on-global-insurance-advertising-market

By End Users/Application, the market is sub-segmented as follows: Non-health insurance and life insurance
Breakdown by Type, the market is categorized as: Conventional Marketing, Network Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Others

Players featured in the report: UnitedHealth GroupLiberty Mutual, GEICO, Allstate Corporation, Berkshire Hathaway, The progressive societyMetLife, State Farm Mutual, National Mutua, Admiral groupAmerican family mutual, Farmers Insurance Group and Hastings Insurance

Regional analysis for the Insurance Advertising Market includes: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific etc

The Global Insurance Advertising Market study covers the ongoing status, percentage share, upcoming growth patterns, development cycle, SWOT analysis, sales channels and distributions to anticipate scenarios trend for years to come. It aims to recommend market analysis by trend analysis, breakdown of segments and contribution of players in Insurance Advertising market recovery. The market is sized by 5 major regions namely, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific (understand Asia & Oceania separately), Middle East and Africa (AME), and Latin America and broken down by jurisdiction over 18 or country as Chinathe UK, Germany, United States, France, Japan, Indiagroup of Southeast Asian and Nordic countries, etc.

Have a different market scope and business objectives; Inquire for Custom Study @ https://www.htfmarketreport.com/enquiry-before-buy/2891624-2020-2029-report-on-global-insurance-advertising-market

For consumer-centric data, demand or survey analysis can be added to the final deliverable as part of the customization which would include analysis and consumer behavior of the insurance advertising market by demographic factor such as age, gender, occupation, income level or education. {*subject to data availability and feasibility}

Consumer specs include the following models**
Consumer buying habits (e.g. comfort and convenience, economy, pride)
Client lifestyle (e.g. health conscious, family oriented, active in the community)
Expectations (e.g. service, quality, risk, influence)

Key Highlights of the Global Insurance Advertising Market Considered in the Analysis

Insurance Advertising Market Metrics and Parameters Covered in the Study: Report Highlights Insurance Advertising market characteristics such as segment revenue, weighted average selling price by region, capacity utilization rate, production and production value, gross margin percentage by company, consumption, import and export, demand and supply, cost benchmarking of finished product in Insurance Advertising industry, market share and annualized growth rate (YoY) and % CAGR.

Key Strategic Developments of the Insurance Advertising Market: Activities such as Research and Development (R&D) by phase, Merger and Acquisition (M&A) ongoing and completed [deal value, purpose, effective year]joint ventures (JV), technological combinations, partnerships and collaborations with suppliers, agreements, new launches, etc. taken by players in the insurance advertising industry during the planned study period.

What unique qualitative insights are included in the Insurance Advertising market research?
The Global Insurance Advertising Market report provides the rigorously researched and assessed data of the major industry players and their scope in the market through various analytical tools. To get an in-depth analysis; qualitative comments on changing market dynamics {Drivers, Restraints & Opportunities}, PESTLE, 5-Forces, Feasibility Study, BCG Matrix (% ​​Share vs % Growth), SWOT by Players, Heat Map Analysis, etc. . have been provided to better correlate the product of the key players offering in the market.

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Excerpts from the table of contents:
1. Insurance Advertising Market Overview
– Market overview
– Definition
– Product classification
2. Dynamics of the insurance advertising market
– Drivers, Trends, Constraints……
– Analysis of market factors
3. New entrants and barriers to entry
4. Standardization, Regulatory and Collaborative Initiatives
– Analysis of manufacturing processes
– Industrial/supply chain analysis, sourcing strategy and downstream buyers
5. Competition in the global insurance advertising market by manufacturers
6. Market value of insurance advertising [USD]Capacity, Supply (Production), Consumption, Price, Export-Import (EXIM), by Region (2016-2020)
7. Insurance Advertising Revenue (Value), Production, Sales Volume, by Region (2022-2028)
8. Insurance Advertising Market Trend by Type {, Conventional Marketing, Network Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Other}
9. Insurance Advertising Market Analysis by Application {Non-health insurance and life insurance}
10. Insurance Advertising Market Manufacturers Profiles/Analysis
– Market Share Analysis by Manufacturers (2020)
– Manufacturer profiles (overview, financials, SWOT, etc.)
– Distributors/Traders connected
– Marketing strategy by main manufacturers/players


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Breaking News – HBO’s Emmy-winning unscripted series “We’re Here” returns for its third season on November 25 https://www.tempo-visuel.com/breaking-news-hbos-emmy-winning-unscripted-series-were-here-returns-for-its-third-season-on-november-25/ Thu, 22 Sep 2022 18:16:15 +0000 https://www.tempo-visuel.com/breaking-news-hbos-emmy-winning-unscripted-series-were-here-returns-for-its-third-season-on-november-25/

[09/22/22 – 09:00 AM]HBO’s Emmy-winning unscripted series “We’re Here” returns for its third season Nov. 25
This series follows renowned drag queens Bob the Drag Queen, Eureka O’Hara and Shangela as they continue their journey through small town America, spreading love and connection through the art of drag.

[via press release from HBO]

HBO’s Emmy(R)-winning unscripted series WE ARE HERE returns for its third season November 25

Shangela, Eureka and Bob the Drag Queen at a ‘Just Say Gay’ rally in Brevard County, Florida to protest the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill.

The Emmy(R) and GLAAD Award-winning unscripted series WE’RE HERE returns for a six-episode third season on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 25 (10:00-11:00 PM ET/PT). Episodes will debut weekly on HBO and will be available to stream on HBO Max.

This series follows renowned drag queens Bob the Drag Queen, Eureka O’Hara and Shangela as they continue their journey through small town America, spreading love and connection through the art of drag. This season, the Queens are recruiting a diverse group of local residents from Granbury, TX; St. George, UT; Brevard County, Florida; Jackson, MS; and Sussex, NJ to share their stories, raise awareness and promote acceptance in their communities by participating in one-night-only drag shows. In each city, the queens inspire their “drag girls” to speak out in front of their families, friends and communities, sometimes in the face of increased opposition and anti-LGBTQ+ laws.

The critically acclaimed second season was praised by Variety for uncovering “deeper truths about small town America that are often presented through a reductive lens, while finding the nuances of life and diversity”. One of Esquire’s “10 Best TV Shows of 2021,” the season was hailed for having “so much heart” by NPR, and Decider applauded it for being “the kind of show that can actually bring a legitimate change in life”.

The third season of WE’RE HERE is created and executive produced by Stephen Warren and Johnnie Ingram; directed and produced by Peter LoGreco; executive produced by Eli Holzman & Aaron Saidman and Erin Gamble for The Intellectual Property Corporation (IPC), part of Sony Pictures Television. Caldwell Tidicue (Bob the Drag Queen), “Eureka” D. Huggard (Eureka O’Hara), and DJ Pierce (Shangela) serve as the series’ producers.

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[09/22/22 – 10:01 AM]Netflix renews “Love on the Spectrum” and “The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On” for new seasons
More: JoAnna Garcia Swisher will host ‘The Ultimatum: Queer Love,’ the next series in ‘The Ultimatum’ franchise.
[09/22/22 – 10:01 AM]Jonas Brothers, Metallica, Sza, Usher, Tems, Mariah Carey and more will headline ABC’s “Global Citizen Festival: Take Action Now” on Sunday, September 25
Organized by international advocacy organization Global Citizen, the global event calls on world leaders, businesses and philanthropic foundations to end extreme poverty NOW.
[09/22/22 – 10:00 AM]Tubi begins production on “Spread” with Elizabeth Gillies, Diedrich Bader, Teri Polo, Tim Rozon and Harvey Keitel
The film follows an ambitious aspiring journalist (Gillies) who lands a temp job at an adult magazine run by an aging king of the industry (Keitel) and must reconcile her idealism as she strives to help the business to succeed.
[09/22/22 – 10:00 AM]HBO Original Documentary Series “The Vow, Part Two” Debuts October 17
Set against the backdrop of the United States federal lawsuit against Keith Raniere, “The Vow, Part Two” offers a rare view into Raniere’s inner circle, including NXIVM co-founder Nancy Salzman.
[09/22/22 – 09:02 AM]New ‘The Price is Right at Night’ special features ‘Young Sheldon’ stars Iain Armitage and Raegan Revord on September 30
The network is set to debut five additional primetime specials, where contestants such as super fans and grocery store workers will have their pricing skills put to the test.
[09/22/22 – 09:01 AM]Video: “Conversations with a Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes” – Official Trailer – Netflix
This limited documentary series about serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and his 17 murders is produced by Joe Berlinger.
[09/22/22 – 09:01 AM]Video: “Rosaline” – Official Trailer – Hulu
“Rosaline” is a fresh and comedic take on Shakespeare’s classic love story “Romeo and Juliet,” told from the perspective of Juliet’s cousin, Rosaline (Kaitlyn Dever), who also happens to be the recent sweetheart. of Romeo.
[09/22/22 – 09:00 AM]HBO’s Emmy-winning unscripted series “We’re Here” returns for its third season Nov. 25
This series follows renowned drag queens Bob the Drag Queen, Eureka O’Hara and Shangela as they continue their journey through small town America, spreading love and connection through the art of drag.
[09/22/22 – 08:54 AM]Prime Video scores big with ‘Thursday Night Football’
“TNF” averaged 15.3 million viewers (AMA) in its Sept. 15 clash between AFC rivals Los Angeles Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs.
[09/22/22 – 08:01 AM]Video: Season 4 trailer – “The Dragon Prince: The Mystery of Aaravos” – Netflix After School
Return to the saga with Season 4 of ‘The Dragon Prince’ – coming to Netflix in November.
[09/22/22 – 07:40 AM]HGTV Greenlights launches new series with social media star Galey Alix
The series is slated to air on HGTV in the spring of 2023.
[09/22/22 – 07:35 AM]Video: “The Devil’s Hour” – Official Trailer – Prime Video
Peter Capaldi and Jessica Raine star in a gripping psychological thriller where Lucy’s nightmares lead her on a hunt for a serial killer in a world where nothing is as it seems.
[09/22/22 – 07:04 AM]“Ghost Brothers: Lights Out” returns for Season 2 on Discovery+ on Friday, October 7
Joining the Ghostober lineup, Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass and Marcus Harvey flip the switch on paranormal lore by shedding their own light on its darkest secrets.
[09/22/22 – 06:31 AM]Video: “BARDO, false chronicle of a handful of truths” – Official trailer – Netflix
Alejandro G. Iñárritu, five-time Oscar winner, presents “BARDO, false chronicle of a handful of truths”.
[09/22/22 – 06:06 AM]The Disney+ UK original series “Save Our Squad with David Beckham” will premiere exclusively on Disney+ on November 9
The series sees David Beckham return to his east London roots to mentor Westward Boys, a young grassroots side who are bottom of their league, facing relegation.

‘Grand Theft Auto VI’ leak is Rockstar’s nightmare, YouTuber’s dream https://www.tempo-visuel.com/grand-theft-auto-vi-leak-is-rockstars-nightmare-youtubers-dream/ Wed, 21 Sep 2022 18:11:25 +0000 https://www.tempo-visuel.com/grand-theft-auto-vi-leak-is-rockstars-nightmare-youtubers-dream/

For the past few years, eager ‘Grand Theft Auto’ fans have attempted to pull off their own heist, aiming to extract even one piece of concrete information about ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’, the inevitable sequel to the second best-selling game of all time. Over the weekend, they finally made it – sort of.

On Sunday, a pirate fled over 90 clips of developer Rockstar’s mid-pregnancy heir, prompting a mix of excitement and criticism from fans and outrage from game developers. But in truth, it probably changes the overall trajectory of “GTA VI” very little. It’s just more water for a content mill born out of a secret industry and a social media ecosystem that incites sensationalism and bad faith.

Without a doubt, this was one of the biggest leaks in video game history, although it consisted of images (apparently obtained from Rockstar’s internal Slack messaging system) rather than into stolen source code that could actually delay the finished product, ala the the infamous 2003 leak of Valve’s “Half-Life 2”. However, he was met general wringing of the hands developers and experts from across the industry, who expressed their sympathy for Rockstar to show the unfinished business to the teeming masses. While many fans visibly watched the first footage of player characters escaping the police and exploring a quiet nightclub with indulgent eyes, some expressed outrage at having waited nearly a decade for what they perceived as a sloppy hodgepodge of poor graphics and stiff animations.

For the uninitiated, this may seem like a strange reaction. After all, as Kotaku points out, people don’t look at Hollywood set photos and assume that the background of a finished movie will be all green. But the video game industry — at least, when it comes to big-budget productions that rival Hollywood in scale and cost — has long been obsessed with tightly controlled PR campaigns in the service of numbers. preorder upholstered. Games aren’t usually shown to the public until they’re both gorgeous and spectacular, or their unpolished edges are hidden behind gameplay-less, computer-generated trailers and non-guiding demos for years. . Companies have spent decades insisting on absolute control, keeping employees under NDA and pretend whole games don’t exist just to maintain it.

Analysis: Two of Twitch’s biggest stars pull it off

This comes up against an inescapable reality: the games really don’t come together until they’re near the finish line. The developers use gray walls and boxes to simulate what will eventually become vast cities or dew-covered forests. Characters T-pose instead of walking, running or flying. Glitches abound. Despite efforts – often by smaller developers – to demystify the unsexy realities of game development, neatly nurtured PR cycles have contributed to the idea that games come out of the oven fully formed. Conversely, if they don’t debut in pristine condition, that must be a sign of trouble.

It’s not helped by the fact that big companies have used the hype to veil half-baked games, most notoriously when CD Projekt Red’s massively anticipated 2020 release “Cyberpunk 2077” launched in a state so unfinished that Sony ended up pulling it temporarily from the PlayStation Store (just one of many consequences).

The low-key approach of major publishers has allowed social media to fill the void. On YouTube and Twitter, as well as many smaller websites that feed off of Google traffic, there’s a whole cottage industry of rumors surrounding games like “GTA VI.” These people have already spent years pretending to be insiders knowing intimate details about the creation of “GTA VI” when in reality most of them are making things up. They regularly post articles and videos that contain fake maps and screenshots, as well as false claims that a release date is fast approaching. Some of them collect millions of views. This has a ripple effect: fans eventually hear so many about “GTA VI” – even though it’s actually a big load of nothing – they assume the game must be almost ready for prime time.

Content creators are incentivized to do this because of the way major platforms are structured: games like “Grand Theft Auto” are hugely popular, meaning people search for them every day and increase content focused on them in the upper echelons of the algorithms. The constant turnover and continued silence from companies means there are few consequences to getting it wrong. Wait a week or two and everyone will forget or move on.

Faced with their first recession, Twitch streamers are tightening their belts

So-called leaks have become such a mainstay of online video game culture that some have begun to “leak” information even upon receiving it through legitimate means. This week, for example, a leaker who went through “The Real Insider” handle slipped and turned out to be a YouTuber with nearly 200,000 subscribers who had just used another account to notify people of upcoming releases like “Assassin’s Creed Mirage” before publisher-designated press embargoes were in place.

The same social media content mill that sent fans into a frenzy before the leak is enjoying it now. While Rockstar has done its best to remove actual gameplay footage from major platforms, with many YouTube videos sporting sensational titles like “Rockstar Calls GTA 6 Leaker a Liar?!” dissect everything from “GTA VI”‘s graphics to its impact on publisher Take-Two’s stock price (currently $119.98, down 6.16% in the past five days).

It is worth asking who really benefits from this state of affairs. Not the fans, who learn nothing of value until publishers are ready to begin profit-maximizing, sometimes misleading (or until reporters investigate them). Not the individual developers, whose hard work ends up being misunderstood and maligned, which regularly leads to harassment. Recognizing this, some developers at other studios spent the week posting videos of previously released games like Remedy’s “Control” and Microsoft’s “Sea of ​​Thieves” at a time when they were in unflattering states. It was eye-opening to see these multi-million dollar products without animation and with Giant mustachioed pill taking the place of the characters, but it shouldn’t. Every game starts somewhere, after all.

Only big publishers and companies like YouTube reap measurable rewards by honoring their respective ends of this toxic cycle – and even that is debatable. A leak like this isn’t going to sink Rockstar or its parent company, Take-Two, nor will an intentional debunking of Rockstar’s game-making process led by those who make the game. When “GTA VI” releases in several years, it will almost certainly sell tens of millions of copies on name value alone, putting smiles on shareholders’ faces and money in their pockets. It’s also likely to be a stellar video game, if Rockstar’s previous pedigree is to be believed. Fans will likely be sated. The escape will become a distant memory.

With this in mind, what is the point of all this secrecy, of allowing bad faith actors on fatally flawed platforms to dictate the discussion around new games? Why continue to do things this way, other than the fact that this is how the video game industry has always done it?