Ford F-150 Lightning electric can go much further than advertised 300 miles

Ford F-150 Lighting buyers may be shocked to learn that their trucks may travel farther than expected between charges.

Ford has announced that the all-electric pickup will come with two battery sizes offering up to 230 miles and 300 miles of range, but the numbers are marked with an asterisk that could work in favor of owners.

The manufacturer’s general manager of battery-electric vehicles, Darren Palmer, told Insider that range-tested trucks are loaded with an additional 1,000 pounds to better represent how they will often be used. This is exactly half of the truck’s estimated maximum payload and more than enough to affect its overall efficiency.


A spokeswoman for a Ford truck told Fox News Autos that this method was not used to determine the fuel efficiency of internal combustion engine versions of the F-150.

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The exact capacity of the F-150 Lightning’s batteries has not been announced, but members of the engineering team have indicated that they can weigh up to around 1,800 pounds, which is larger than anything. is available on a consumer-driven electric vehicle today.

Tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee also heard the 1000 pound range test figure and also came across some interesting additional information in a prototype truck with an empty bed.

The prototype’s infotainment system display indicated that its battery was at 80% and that it had 367 miles of range left, which extrapolated to a maximum range of 459 miles.


Ford has not confirmed the accuracy of the gauges, but the system is programmed to take into account the weight of the truck or trailer being towed and calculate range based on these factors to better keep the driver informed when it is time to go. must plan. connect.

The F-150 Lightning’s closest competitor, the upcoming twin-engine Tesla Cybertruck, claims a range of over 300 miles, while Chevrolet has promised the electric Silverado it has in the works will be able to cover up to 400 miles per. charge.

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