Four new local cases of COVID-19 in Victoria; Buying limits return to stores when the state goes into lockdown; Companies slam shutdown; Qantas could offer theft benefits to those who get the COVID-19 jab

Facebook says it will no longer remove claims that COVID-19 is made or man-made “in light of ongoing investigations into the origin of COVID-19 and in consultation with public health experts “.

There is increasing pressure around the world to investigate the origins of the pandemic, including the possibility that it originated from a laboratory. Since the start of the pandemic, Facebook has changed what it allows on the subject and what it prohibits.

In February, he announced a host of new claims he would ban – including the fact that COVID-19 was created in a Chinese lab. Other claims he added at the time included the misconception that vaccines either don’t work or are toxic.

Lisa Fazio, a professor of psychology at Vanderbilt University, said the reversal shows the difficulty of fact-checking in general, especially with something unprecedented like the coronavirus, when experts can disagree and change direction. ‘opinion with new evidence.

“This is one of the reasons why content moderation shouldn’t be static, scientific consensus changes over time,” Prof Fazio said.

“It is also a reminder to be humble and that for some questions the current best answer is” we don’t know yet “or” it is possible, but experts think it is unlikely. “

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