Greensburg Salem Seeks New Admin to Boost Awareness and Web Presence

Greensburg Salem is seeking to revamp and expand a central administrative office to improve the district’s online presence and local awareness.

The school board has agreed to advertise the new position of administrator associated with general management and community outreach, with a starting salary not exceeding $72,000.

Greensburg will not add another full-time director, but will replace the new title with that of a recent retiree. The district is “using these funds to redesign a new position,” said council chairman Jeff Metrosky.

Karen Gnesda retired Dec. 31 as the superintendent’s administrative assistant, but continues to help out in the office as a part-time back-up, according to Superintendent Ken Bissell.

In addition to handling the phones, Gnesda helps organize the school board’s agenda and helps with federal grants, Bissell said.

“We recognized the need for a little more than that,” he said. In addition to attending and recording board meetings, the new trustee will be responsible for overseeing community relations and social media for the district.

“They are going to be a voice and a face for many things, helping to spread a positive message about the district and making many improvements to our web and social media presence,” Bissell said. The new staff member “will also be involved as a liaison with community groups”, he said.

The district is tapping into pandemic relief funds, allocated through the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) program, to hire Meagan Frantik as the district social worker. Greensburg Salem will leverage the second of three phases of its total $11 million ESSER funding to keep Frantik on staff for two and a half years, with a salary of $56,637.

“This is something we have identified as a need, particularly when ESSER funds have been made available to help address learning loss situations that have arisen due to covid,” said Bissell. “We know the needs of our students. It may or may not be due to covid, but there is a need there.

Frantik will be available to help from kindergarten through 12th grade, but will likely focus more on elementary students, he said.

The district plans to repeat its K-12 Summer Success Program and is looking for instructors, who will be paid an additional hourly rate of $29.50. These salaries will also be covered by ESSER funding.

“Last year we had about 75 teachers involved,” Bissell said. This year’s enrollment will depend on how many students enroll in the program, which last year included classes in reading, math, art, swimming and career counseling.

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