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Dear Héloïse, With climate change affecting us all, it’s a safe bet that many of us in this country need to prepare an emergency kit in the event of a sudden change in the weather. Here’s what to pack in an emergency:

• At least two or three flashlights plus extra batteries for each flashlight.

• Extra blankets and maybe inflatable pillows.

• A small first aid kit.

• A dozen large, safe food containers that you can fill with water if needed. Leave them blank until you know a weather emergency is brewing.

• Freeze-dried foods or fresher items such as fruit cups, bread, cheese, cookies, energy bars and canned drinks. Fresher foods are added at the last moment to maintain freshness.

• Battery operated candles or lanterns and matches or a lighter.

• Plastic sheeting, a few towels, a bar of soap, duct tape and, if you can, a camping stove.

It may save your life one day. – John B., Gorham, Maine

Ice creams

Dear Héloïse: I love doing crafts, and so many things I do involve tiny stones, fine threads, or just very small items, which I kept losing. Finally one day I took a big pot of ice cream, I painted it a bright color and labeled it “little things”. Then I put all my little things in there. It worked so well that I used four more ice cream tubs for things like lace, loose ribbons, etc.

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