Hilarious memes that show the downsides of preorder games

If pledges were crackers, most players would be fat; because many of them are so fed up with the promise of pre-ordering games. Pre-ordering is the act of paying the publishers/developers of the game even before the game is released. To be fair, pre-ordering games back then (before the boom of the internet age) was somewhat justified as most games circulated as physical copies.

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These days, however, there’s a stigma attached to pre-ordering games (some people don’t seem to mind that). Many pre-ordered titles (even those from triple-A studios) come out undercooked or disappointing. As a result, it’s become a running joke for a certain percentage of gamers who have resisted the urge to pre-order FOMO and therefore don’t suffer from buyer’s remorse. These memes encapsulate their half-joking sentiments.

ten There is an impostor among us…

Okay, maybe a disclaimer is in order; Not all the people who don’t care about pre-ordering games have pre-ordered some games themselves. The human mind, after all, is a fickle thing. He sometimes contradicts himself and clicks that preorder button while debating on Reddit the downsides of preordering in another Chrome tab.

Chances are the people who created and laughed at this meme also pre-ordered Cyberpunk 2077 Where Anthem, etc Either way, though, complaining about the game after pre-ordering is a bad case of buyer’s remorse. It’s also like a hangover where people promise not to drink anymore, but they do it anyway.

9 Let’s call it a work in progress

In the Stone Age, video games came out in a complete state. One of the reasons for this was that the internet was not as popular or ubiquitous, so publishers and developers had to make sure the product was complete. Some of the most shameless major video game companies these days will engage in the problematic business practice described above.

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They have become so well known that it is no longer necessary to drop the names. The red flag bearers already come quickly to mind. Ultimately, this could lead to a number of gamers opting to pay even more for content that usually isn’t worth the price.

8 You won’t listen, my boy!

Video game trailers unfortunately don’t mean much anymore, as the released products can often disappoint. Some major video game studios are quite famous for this. The trailer shows off all sorts of next-gen bells and whistles and buzzwords, but none of them will be present in the final game.

The funny thing is that the imaginary Kratos scolding Atreus here is right. While the pre-ordered game can still be refunded depending on the store, money really isn’t the only investment a pre-order player puts into a title. Months of anticipation, excitement and even hope slip away after a failed promise.

seven Yes, but maybe the tenth time is a charm?

And then there are those who will resort to cognitive dissonance (cope, in internet slang) and fool themselves that the bad game they pre-ordered isn’t so bad. Such a player’s mistake in action could actually do more harm than good to the industry as a whole.

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Imagine if there were players who kept defending something like Battlefield 2042 during launch. They might as well teach EA or Dice how to get away with every possible bad business practice. Games like this remain a cautionary tale that sadly few gamers heed.

6 When you pre-order a game on Wish…

The fun thing about game trailers is that gamers can already predict what’s going to be downgraded or removed from the current version. Take The Division 2, for example. The game was unlike anything before in terms of fidelity and visual aesthetics in the trailer.

The release version, however, painted a different picture. It was considerably less interesting than the advertised trailer. The same can be said for the first Watch dogs or even other games that run on multi-generational platforms. If a gameplay trailer looks too advanced or clean, it may not be representative of the final product.

5 And the remasters? collector’s edition? Downloadable content? Micro transactions?

The sad (or hopelessly hilarious) part of pre-ordering a game is that there’s no guarantee the costs will stop there. Some players might be happy to play their game a little earlier and with full functionality, except that they don’t get full functionality, especially with some game studios.

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Microtransactions, trickle-down DLCs, and even exclusive content sometimes get in the way of the fun. Such a case occurs even in competitive multiplayer games. As usual, this doesn’t help consumers feel good about their purchase because there are just too many hidden costs.

4 Lots of time, my dear, lots of time

Then there are hardy veterans who survived and learned a lot from their buyer’s (or others’) remorse. These misers in the gaming community are fighting an uphill battle against the anti-consumerist agendas and game studio greed where they get the most out of their game by spending next to nothing.

But really, a lot depends on what the players value the most. Some value their time more than their money, while others are immortal beings with unlimited leisure time. The latter, however, tends to be less of a victim of game studios.

3 Typical AAA Editors Meeting

With the extent of these memes, one wonders if the targeted game studios actually saw the sentiments of a percentage of gamers. Because the “greedy game studio” stereotype is pretty common now. They have to notice it, one way or another.

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Too bad they’re never transparent about their moves, so fans can only imagine what’s going on behind those closed doors. The meme above could be; an outlier who cares more about consumers than the profit that can be made from them is likely labeled as “not a team player”.

2 From “breathtaking” to “suffocating”

About pre-ordering games that didn’t live up to their promises, Cyberpunk 2077 comes to mind. Right now, it looks like it still holds the crown as the gaming industry’s biggest disappointment; at least for this decade, anyway. It’s a shame because they even got Keanu Reeves to advertise their game.

Even then, however, they didn’t do his in-game character justice because Keanu’s digital interpretation in Cyberpunk 2077 looks less than stellar. So now there are memes like this that will forever immortalize what happened on December 10, 2020; when many console gamers’ holiday season was ruined.

1 That’s a lot of damage!

It’s pretty common for video games to come out in a half-baked state, and it’s even more hysterically comical when it happens to games that can be pre-ordered. Players would think that the game studio is confident with their game as they are already loading long before release.

Then reality hits, and it’s just like any other game that comes with a plethora of release issues at launch. This pre-order income that would have helped improve the game was nowhere to be felt. Of course, this doesn’t happen to every game that can be pre-ordered, but it’s quite alarming when it happens to the big ones and keeps happening again and again.

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