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Hitman’s Game of the Year edition was released by GOG this week. However, players became enraged and bombarded with criticism when they discovered that key elements of the stealth game were restricted by online DRM checks soon after.

GOG.com is a digital retail store that started out as a marketplace for game developers and publishers to sell older PC games, but now also sells contemporary and modern titles. It also boasts of not implementing or using any form of DRM (digital rights management).

The major problem is that the content is hidden from players who want to play Hitman offline or who cannot connect to the servers for some reason. Players cannot access Climb Objectives, Hard-to-Find Targets, or User-Generated Missions without an internet connection.

However, there is more that is hidden from offline players, including the ability to unlock weapons, goods, clothing, and earn new starting slots. While this doesn’t make the game unplayable, it does limit the amount of Hitman 2016 that can be played offline.

To be clear: you can still play Hitman GOTY Edition offline after purchasing it on GOG. All main objectives and bonus missions are available. However, there are a lot of features that are inaccessible to offline users, which seems to me to be online DRM (and apparently other players).

“You have the right to opt out of your purchase of HITMAN if you are not satisfied with the released version,” GOG adds.

GOG staff were not happy with the tone of their response, as many of the negative reviews simply include information and disclaimers that are not present on the game’s store page.

You can also build treehouses on trees that can be accessed using a ladder.

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