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The holiday season offers many opportunities for creative expression in your cake department. For many like El Mirasol Bakery in Plant City, Florida, the magic begins with the traditional very lick cake and develops into imaginative designs inspired by cultural trends and produced by the bakery’s creative cake decorators.

“You have to be imaginative today,” explains Elizabeth Leal, cake decorator for El Mirasol. “My job is to satisfy customers and meet their demands. We have a family, fun atmosphere here, and I do my best every day to stay positive.

Leal has been decorating cakes for 29 years. She is proud of every creation, and it shows. El Mirasol’s cakes rival the most imaginative designs created in the country.

“It’s the beauty of working here,” she says humbly. “Our bakery allows my own ideas, and that’s what I love – the freedom to create.”

Like any smart decorator, she does her homework with each cake, listening intently to what the customer wants and using multiple resources – including online websites – to create designs that are both unique and inspiring.

El Mirasol specializes in classic two-tier cakes. Leal scours websites, including Pinterest, to generate unique and often colorful ideas. She says today’s customers are always looking for that little extra.

“It’s always more and more, and it’s okay,” she said with a smile. “People love to go to parties, and the bigger the better.”

Beyond the December holidays, El Mirasol is gearing up for Valentine’s Day celebrations in January when cake decorators here start exploring the latest trends in Valentine’s Day cakes, cookies, and other sweet products.

“We encourage our customers to place their Valentine’s Day orders two weeks in advance,” she says. “It gives us time to create the special cakes they want.”

Sprinkles & more

BakeMark’s Sprinkelina range of specialty nuggets will help cake decorators to realize their creative imaginations. With countless colorful options, these sprinkles are sure to make your bakery the talk of the town. They add a fun and festive touch and help drive impulse sales with every customer that walks through your store door.

The Sprinkelina range allows your bakery to get exactly what you are looking for this season. Is it simple that you are looking for? BakeMark offers red, orange, yellow, black, purple and black chocolate chips, perfect to help celebrate the holiday season.

If you are looking for something a little more sophisticated, BakeMark offers several color blends. A fan favorite is second to none, and BakeMark also features a fall mix of those in yellow, orange, and brown.

And the programming doesn’t stop there. BakeMark offers four different colors of sparkling pearls to delight those who love sparkle and shine. These can be used at Christmas and beyond.

BakeMark also provides sparkling icing that is perfect for cookies. These come in stunning colors like mango yellow, apricot orange, and lime green.

Finally, the new confetti mixes are sure to be a crowd favorite at any bakery this season. BakeMark offers the Fall Confetti Mix, Candy Corn Confetti Mix and Wizardly Mix, which will give your cookies the perfect touch.

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