Horizon’s planning team desperately needs a schedule

Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West came out just before other more critically acclaimed open-world games, but that’s not a downside.

The Guerrilla Games team that recently picked the release date for Forbidden Horizon West should seriously consider investing in a calendar. the Horizon the series is now two-for-two on releasing games right before a separate, historic open world title. Maybe a timeline would help them keep up to date with any other major releases, so they can choose a more convenient date for their own game. In reality, the developers at Guerrilla Games and the publishers at Sony have everything simply been extremely unlucky in that the two Horizon the games were partially overshadowed by two games that launched days later to even more critical acclaim.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild came on the heels of Horizon Zero Dawnand now Forbidden Horizon West only gets a week in the spotlight before the release of Ring of Elden, the highest rated FromSoftware game to date. History tends to repeat itself, but the odds of this exact situation happening two games in the same series just five years apart seem incredibly unlikely. the Horizon games are successful by any metric in their own right, scoring high marks and selling very well (presumably west forbidden will have a financial success comparable to zero dawn), but they’ve now both been immediately followed by another studio’s game that’s flirting with the greatest territory of all time.

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It’s not a blow against the Horizon series nor Guerrilla Games, which most certainly has a calendar. Both Horizon the games are extremely good and have managed to be among the other famous PlayStation exclusives after being created by a developer previously known to be the creators of the Killzone SPF Franchise. Forbidden Horizon West is a stunning sequel with an absolutely stunning open world, and in almost every way improved almost every aspect of its predecessor. Now, all a third game has to do is find a launch week it can have all to itself. The circumstances surrounding the releases of zero dawn and Prohibited Where is are certainly unfortunate, but they probably haven’t been exceptionally detrimental to games in the long run.

Horizon Zero Dawn had to compete with BOTW

Horizon Zero Dawn launched just three days before Breath of the Wild and the Nintendo Switch

On February 28, 2017, Horizon Zero Dawn was released on PlayStation 4 and was widely celebrated for its unique setting, gripping, millennial narrative, and thrilling machine combat. With third-person action-adventure games being something of a modus operandi for Sony’s first-party games during the PS4 era, it wasn’t entirely surprising to see Guerrilla Games give up. Killzone after the mixed reception of shadow fall, but it was surprising how competent the studio’s first attempt at an open world was. There are certainly valid criticisms of zero dawn – and his biggest problem was not solved by west forbidden either – but he is generally held in very high esteem.

Unfortunately for zero dawnnot only breath of the wildbut also the Nintendo Switch, launched three days later on March 3. Zelda game for sales is already a losing battle, but BOTW was also the first open-world game in the series, and it was a launch title for Nintendo’s first new system since the Wii U underperformed. Horizon Zero DawnThe sales figures of are not to be underestimated, having recently passed the 20 million mark according to the head of PlayStation studios, Hermen Hulst, on Twitter, BOTW achieved a sort of cultural victory. His place among Zelda games is important, but it was a revelation for the open world genre as a whole. BOTWThe entire map is a responsive physical sandbox that provides an unparalleled sense of place through music and sound. The gameplay is constant, pure fun and remains a popular talking point, with players constantly finding new gameplay tricks and possibilities.

Horizon Forbidden West is usurped by Elden Ring

Horizon Forbidden West Wasn't Even Out For A Week Before Elden Ring Achieved Some Of The Highest Scores Ever

Years later, with breath of the wildthere is always a title missing, Forbidden Horizon West was about to capture attention. The game was officially announced alongside the PlayStation 5 in June 2020 with an expected release sometime in 2021, and has been a key title in Sony’s promotion of its most recent console. At this moment, Ring of Elden had already been revealed a year before, but FromSoftware hadn’t released any promotional material since the trailer. One year later in June 2021, Ring of Elden reappeared and received a release date of January 21, 2022, beginning a cruel twist of fate for west forbidden.

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two months later Ring of Elden was scheduled for January, Guerrilla Games announced that its sequel needed more time, and Forbidden Horizon West has been officially delayed to 2022 with a February 18 release date. It would take about a month for the dust to settle from Ring of Eldenthe highly anticipated release of before west forbidden arrival. two months later west forbidden was however delayed Ring of Elden received the same treatment and its release date was pushed back a month to February 25 – exactly one week after Horizon‘s. At the time, only FromSoftware’s most dedicated fans believed Ring of Elden had a chance to be one of the best games ever made. It’s only been in the last eight months or so that Ring of Elden had a great identity beyond “dark souls but with an open world.” After criticism for Ring of Elden entered, it’s one of OpenCritic’s highest rated games of all time, tied at the time of writing for second place with Red Dead Redemption 2, Grand Theft Auto Vand the other Horizon killer, breath of the wild.

Horizon’s calendar woes aren’t exactly detrimental

Aloy confronts the mysterious Tilda at the end of the Horizon Forbidden West trailer

In reality, both zero dawn and west forbidden probably didn’t see their sales or reputation hurt by the games that came out immediately after. zero dawn surpassing 20 million copies sold is concrete proof that the game is a smash hit, and if west forbidden also gets a PC version, it will likely show similar numbers. the Horizon games being seen as overshadowed could be a consequence of them not doing anything necessarily groundbreaking compared to games like BOTW and Ring of Elden.

zero dawn had one of the best open-world designs in years, but fits pretty neatly into the tried-and-true structure that Ubisoft has operated for years. Luckily both Horizon games refrain from inundating players with an unnecessary amount of menial tasks. Yes Ring of Eldens review scores stand up to mainstream scrutiny of gamers he could join breath of the wild as the gold standard for open-world games, but ultimately it won’t have any lasting effect on Forbidden Horizon Westmuch like his predecessor was largely unfazed.

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Source: Hermen Hulst (via Twitter)


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