How Lost Ark can remove the bots once and for all to save the game

Bots topped some of the major issues that plagued the western version of Lost Ark. Right after the game launched, players noticed the first instances of bots. Since then, their numbers have steadily increased despite their escalating fight against Amazon Games.

The publishers recently released all the steps they have taken to ensure the game remains stable and fair for players. However, there is a strong belief that something drastic will be needed to fix the problem.

The effects of the bots in Lost Ark have been huge, allowing them to earn in-game gold illegally. The negative effects don’t end there. Legitimate actors have also been victims of the measures taken.

Still, the problem persists and Amazon Games has also accepted the said fact. Almost three months after its launch, all players are still looking for a sustainable measure.

Lost Ark’s bot problem requires radical decision-making

When you look at all the milestones that Amazon Games has taken, there are a lot; from banning over a million accounts to restricting VPN usage, Amazon Games has taken every step.

However, issues with bots remain, and this could be due to the nature of the Lost Ark itself. Several MMOs have repetitive content that needs to be ground for more and more rewards. The main reason for bots in Lost Ark seems to be gold.

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It is a very valuable element in the game economy and can be used in many ways. Although the bots have been used for much more than gold, it’s pretty clear to Amazon Games what the main purpose is.

Banning an account would seem like a big step for many video games, but it fails in this case. The main reason for this is that the game is completely free.

Players, after being banned, lose very little as their progress is the only thing that will disappear. With bots, this can be recovered much faster than normal.

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Banning the VPN might have temporarily fixed the problem, but it soon returned to normal. Several players expressed long wait times, likely due to bots.

Amazon Games discussed improving their game in conjunction with Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) in a recent post. The developers’ goal is to make bot detection much more efficient, which will allow them to detect those who use unfair methods to grind the game.

Such a move should have been there from the start. Although the job is easier said than done, a much more accurate detection system is required. Once they are banned, stricter measures must be taken, such as banning the IP addresses from which the accused uses bots.

Over the past few months, we’ve made a number of changes to Lost Ark in an effort to combat bots. We know there is still work to do and we want to share some details on how we are addressing this ongoing issue. Details below!…

With VPNs now banned, any banned IP address could prove quite problematic for those who have resorted to unfair means for so long. Although such steps are not as simple as banning an account, they can provide a solution that would be truly faithful.

Moreover, taking such measures is extremely important when it comes to Amazon Games. Despite a strong start, New World lost much of its initial steam and dwindled in numbers. The developers refused to accept defeat and successfully launched Lost Ark to western audiences.

Having a soft launch is only a small part of the overall goal, as many video games have found in the past. As for Lost Ark, it will be up to Lost Ark to ensure that the battlefields are made as fair as possible. If it forces Amazon Games to take harsh action, it should be on the agenda.

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