How to advertise after COVID

SCA the public wants brands to bring back the “normal” in their communications.

“COVID 19 may not be over, but listeners are definitely hearing it from brands,” according to SCA iQwho regularly engages with SCA’s Insight communities to help customers better reach and engage them.

“Listeners are turning to humor, entertainment and less weighty subject matter in an effort to feel better about the coronavirus situation and maybe even avoid it.”

In a study by SCA iQ, nearly 70% of respondents are tired of hearing “we’re all in this together”. In fact, half of those surveyed said they wish brands would stop talking about the pandemic altogether.

CAS CEO Grant Blackley told Radio Today that the community was starting to function normally.

“As a media owner and operator, it behooves us and all of our peers to talk about the obvious stuff, because we all lead very busy lives and sometimes the obvious stuff gets missed.

“…I think it’s incumbent on us to share our knowledge…we’ve done that on a post-COVID basis as well.”

The study urges agencies and advertisers to ditch dark music and supportive slogans and return to normal advertising messages, based on audience feedback.

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