How WMX’s New Advertising Platform Helps Brands Maximize the Digital Music Boom

With consumer appetite for new music at an all-time high thanks to post-pandemic optimism and pent-up demand for new music, fans are listening, watching and playing music more than ever before.

But while many music fans are eager to crowdsurf to the stage at the last gig, much of the music-related consumption now occurs online. Even live performances are happening more and more online, thanks to the acceleration of Covid-19 live concerts on social media platforms.

MIDiA music industry analysts found that 9% of consumers watched a live broadcast in the second half of 2020, with the share of live concerts increasing from 1.9% to 40.7% of all concerts and revenue of live broadcasting increasing 292% over the same period. One of the most successful concerts was the live Dua Lipa concert, which drew an unprecedented five million viewers. Looking to the future, industry insiders believe that live concerts will continue as a format even if live shows return.

This increasing digitization of entertainment formats represents a huge opportunity for brands to target key consumer cohorts.

Partnering with proprietary media owners is a key tool that helps advertisers and marketers find and engage target consumer groups and is particularly important as Google’s upcoming ban on third-party cookies looms. Although the ban has been extended until 2023, marketers should not delay the move to cookie-less methods of understanding and interacting with customer groups for the removal of third-party cookies. One of the main ways to do this is to work directly with media owners.

WMX: scale and scope

WMX includes the Generation Z-centric editorial sites UPROXX and HipHopDX, as well as the Songkick concert finder app, which allows music fans to find upcoming tour dates for their favorite artists. This is in addition to other channels including premium YouTube artist / label channels and outlets like The Pit, Indie Mixtape and Cover Nation.

“As a member of Warner Music Group, we can exploit opportunities on the corporate network, putting advertisers in front of a very engaged audience that they won’t find anywhere else,” said Erin Moran, Managing Director of income from the WMX offer, in an exclusive video. interview with Le Tambour.

Moran believes the combination of the variety of sites owned and operated by WMX, as well as an award-winning creative studio, which has won a Sports Emmy nomination, a Cannes Lions, as well as Digiday’s Best Internal Content / Brand Studio and its new Connex advertising platform – sets it apart from its competitors. It allows WMX both a broad spectrum of consumer types and the internal ability to effectively target different consumer cohorts and deliver exceptional advertising campaigns for artists and brand partners.

“We’re really looking at this opportunity to elevate artists, audiences and advertisers under one roof,” says Moran.

Connex is a proprietary data storefront for advertisers and marketers. “It brings our plethora of fan and audience data together in one beautifully organized place that advertisers can start to tap into,” she explains. “Imagine you are a CPG brand looking to reach women between the ages of 18 and 34 who are in the makeup or skin care market. Well, now you can seamlessly access Connex and understand which environments in the WMX ecosystem you need to work in and where your advertising will have the most impact.

With over 249 million unique visitors and over 50 billion video views across all platforms each month, ranking the company among the top five video media brands in the United States, WMX is capable of doing so on a scale significant.

For more on how WMX is reinventing the future of musical cultural media, watch Erin Moran’s full interview above.

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