Huawei GalleryApp Vulnerability Offers Paid Android Apps for FREE

Huawei GalleryApp apparently has a vulnerability that gives paid Android apps for free after a bit of tinkering under the Chinese phone maker’s official app market.

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In this photo taken on May 27, 2019, a Huawei logo is displayed at a retail store in Beijing.

Huawei Gallery app

Huawei had some problems with the United States, where it was even banned, forcing Google Services to say goodbye to the phone maker.

Its most drastic effect is the outright removal of the Google Play Store, which hosts thousands of Android apps. That said, Huawei had to move forward on its own.

The Chinese tech giant then produced its own Huawei Mobile Service or HMS to power its mobile devices, without Google services, according to a report by Police Android.

On top of that, Huawei was also forced to introduce its own version of the Google Play Store, which it previously relied on before it was banned in the US. As a result, the situation gave birth to GalleryApp, which also functions as the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Huawei GalleryApp Vulnerability Offers Paid Android Apps for FREE
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A customer looks at a new Huawei P50 mobile phone at a Huawei store in Hangzhou, east China’s Zhejiang province, July 30, 2021.

Huawei GalleryApp basically serves as an app marketplace for its smartphones. It includes functions like downloading mobile software for its users. And for developers and publishers, this is where they collect fees for their paid services and apps.

Free Huawei GalleryApp Paid Apps?

However, it would seem that the Huawei GalleryApp has a flaw that notably allows its phone users to download supposedly paid apps on Android and even its own HarmonyOS for free.

According to the latest report from GSMArena, the vulnerability on GalleryApp only requires some technical knowledge and free time to install thousands of paid apps for $0.

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Vulnerability of Huawei GalleryApp

The developer, who goes by the name of Dylan Roussel, discovered Huawei’s problematic flaw in its app market. He discovered it after exploring GalleryApp, and the developer says he has already told the Chinese tech giant about it since February.

Huawei GalleryApp Vulnerability Offers Paid Android Apps for FREE
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The logo of Chinese company Huawei is seen on the screen of a Huawei mobile phone in London on July 14, 2020.

But he says Huawei has yet to respond to his report. In fact, the GalleryApp vulnerability still exists. It should be noted that several weeks have passed since he went directly to Huawei to warn them.

Android Police was more specific about this, saying that the Rousell has been offered by Huawei with the silent treatment for about 13 weeks already.

The developer said it initially planned to give the China-based phone maker at least five weeks to fix its big AppGallery flaw. But it seems that nothing has happened since. So after months of keeping it to himself, he is now sharing it with the public.

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