Humble Games Publishing Farming RPG Coral Island

Humble Games has announced that it will release Coral Islandan environment-focused farming RPG set to arrive later this year.

A little over a year ago, Coral Island was revealed as an upcoming game that was heading to Kickstarter. The first gameplay video showed pretty much everything you’d want to see from a farming RPG, but it also featured the addition of an environment cleanup mechanic. It’s come a long way since then – check out the latest Humble Games trailer!

The art style and potential gameplay ultimately proved to be very appealing – it raised over $1.6 million on Kickstarter. This success also caught the attention of a publisher – earlier today it was announced (via Reddit) that Humble Games will publish Coral Islanda change that was reflected in a change also on the game’s Steam Store page.

Coral Island features a customizable player character who moves away from a place called Pokyo and abandons city life to live in a more rural area. A particular highlight (featured in today’s trailer) is a robust character creator that lets you use a variety of different body types. There’s also a good variety in the dating scene – there will be 20 singles and eligible singles in the game.

It looks like there will be a lot to do in this game, but that also means the developers have a lot of work to do to create this world as well. This is precisely why Stairway Games decided to partner with Humble Games for publishing.

“Throughout development, we’ve learned that an important part of game development is unrelated to game development,” read today’s announcement from Stairway Games. “It’s marketing, PR, discussions with platform holders, etc… and while all of that is expected, we’d rather spend more time making a good game.”

“Our partnership with Humble allows us to do just that. As publishers, they will help us with marketing/bizdev, developing charity plans and introducing Coral Island to a wider audience. working with them because our values ​​align: we both want to have a positive impact in the world.”

When is the Coral Island Release date?

the Coral Island the release date has not yet been announced. However, the developers say the game is “on track” to release this year. Additionally, the release date of the Steam Store API says it will launch on October 11, 2022, though nothing is set in stone until an official announcement is made.

This upcoming game is shaping up to be a pretty interesting farming RPG that seems worth a look. For now, you can add Coral Island to your wishlist on Steam and you can learn more about the game on its official website.

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