Illinois outlasts No.7 Penn State in record nine overtime – NBC Chicago

Illinois outlasts Penn State with record nine overtime hours originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

It took over four hours and nine hours of overtime, but the Illinois Fighter Illini ultimately pulled off a historic upheaval against the No.7 Penn State Nittany Lions in Happy Valley.

The nine additional images are an FBS recording. Previously, there had only been five games in history to reach seven overtime, the most recent having been between LSU and Texas A&M in 2018.

New overtime rules were implemented starting in the 2019 season. Once a game reached fifth overtime, teams no longer started practices from the 25-yard line. Instead, teams begin to alternate two-point conversion games until a winner is determined.

In college football, overtime has two possessions, with each team having a chance in attack and defense. Infractions begin at the opposing team’s 25-yard line and continue until a winner is determined. In previous years, teams that scored touchdowns had to go for two-point conversions from third overtime and play would continue that way until someone scores more in a given overtime period. .

Saturday’s game was tied at 10 heading into extra time. The teams traded baskets in each of the first two overtime and didn’t score a goal in the third and fourth overtime. This put the recently updated rules into play and plunged both sides into two point conversion madness.

Neither team found the end zone until eighth overtime, where Isaiah Williams of Illinois dived for a scoreline. Penn State came back right away and tied the game with a conversion from running back Noah Cain.

Illinois offered a stand to start ninth overtime. The team recovered the ball and then won the game with a pass from Brandon Peters to Casey Washington.

Illinois finished the afternoon with just 38 passing yards, but Brown and Joshua McCray led the Illini to 357 rushing yards. On the other side, Nittany Lion QB Sean Clifford passed 165 yards while his team only had 227 total yards.

The win took Illinois to 3-5 this season, while Penn State fell to 5-2. James Franklin’s side also don’t have much time to freeze, with a prime-time road clash against the Ohio State No.5 next week.

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