Liberal group Loan Shark launches ad targeting cinema and Manchin to help revise democratic elections

A liberal group of loan sharks is running ads in the democratic sense state. Joe manchin Kyrsten Sinema urged voters in West Virginia and Arizona to pressure their party to support the controversial electoral reform bill.

The VoteVets Action Fund, the black money advocacy arm of the liberal group VoteVets, has two ads aimed at lobbying two moderate Democrats to support the large-scale Election Bill S.1 and For the People Act. I paid for it. Defeat the filibuster and proceed.

Cinema Co-sponsored But Progressive Democrats disagree with the call to kill filibuster.

Manchin said he was concerned about the bill, accusing the media of being obsessed with asking him about his position on the filibuster, and said reporters “were all asking the same question. days”. “There is no situation in voting to eliminate or undermine the filibuster,” he said in a lunar editorial.

Between interview Manchin, with Vox in April, warned that a large-scale electoral bill could lead to “lawlessness” and undermine public confidence in the elections.

The HR1 Democratic Elections Bill was introduced by a liberal group of foreign-funded loan sharks

A Publicity Two veterans, a father and a son, claim that American democracy is “destitute” and call on Congress to “make money out of politics.”

Is Second announcement Presentation of a veteran woman of the Iraqi army who lost her husband four years after her marriage. This spot also includes the same line of “have-not” American democracy.

Clip also states that Cinema “is working to take a fortune out of politics and protect the freedom to vote.”

The two 30-second ads ultimately reveal that they are paid for by the non-profit VoteVets Action Fund. According to IssueOne, a bipartisan advocate, action funds are one of the “top 15 black money groups” they examined, and groups like them “have mandatory donor disclosure rules for registration.” . To avoid this, impersonate a nonprofit organization. A political commissar whose main goal is to influence the elections. “

In 2016, the Center for Public Integrity, a non-partisan, nonprofit research organization, called the VoteVets Action Fund a “black money” group. They do not disclose the donor.

The announcement began amid President Biden’s creepy behavior. Veiled shot In front of the Senator during a speech commemorating the Tulsa Race Massacre, Delay your agenda..

VoteVets chairman and co-founder John Soltz told Fox News the announcement was intended to help his organization with the support of a senator for “this important bill.” It was.

“We want all senators to know that if they help pass this important bill, VoteVets will stand,” said Salts. “That’s the purpose of these ads. “

S.1 is the largest revision of US electoral law in at least a generation and covers many aspects of the voting process. This includes automatic registration of eligible voters and the requirement for the state to provide same-day voter registration. The bill also requires states to offer 15 days of early voting, allowing 14 states to conduct unexplained postal ballots, which states have already allowed. , Must comply with S.1 standards.

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The VoteVets Action Fund is not the only loan shark group involved in supporting the general election bill. The 16-30 Fund, a liberal loan shark that funds a number of left-wing projects and organizations, has invested at least $ 1.3 million in internal lobbyists to support S.1’s companion bill, HR 1.

Between 2016 and 2020, Swiss billionaire Hans Jürgwis invested $ 135 million in the 16-30 fund, but no donors were identified. Wis said in 2014 that he was not a U.S. citizen.

The Manchin and Cinema offices did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment on the announcement.

Fox News’ Cameron Cawthorne and Joe Schoffstall contributed to this report.

Liberal group Loan Shark launches ad targeting cinema and Manchin to help revise democratic elections

Liberal group Loan Shark launches ad targeting cinema and Manchin to help revise democratic elections

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