Lucerne County Senior Executive Position Ad Launch Monday

The advertising campaign in search of the next Lucerne County top manager is launched on Monday, with a new website and posts on several online job sites.

“We are hoping for a strong response from the campaign,” said Chris Hackett, chair of the county volunteer citizen managers search committee.

The committee created the website – – to familiarize job seekers with the county’s cultural, recreational, sporting, dining, shopping and entertainment offerings and to present information on the cost of living, housing / real estate market, library system and education and health care options.

It is also a portal for applicants to learn about the County Director position and submit a resume electronically.

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“There is some really good content that shows the region in a really positive and constructive light. I think it looks good, ”Hackett said of the site.

The job posting says the manager is part of the state’s 12th largest county, and the county is two hours west of New York City and two hours north of Philadelphia.

Founded in 1786, the county operates as a form of home government with a strong manager in which the manager controls day-to-day business operations and manages the delivery of county services, programs and initiatives, he says.

“Opportunities to refine the organization and functioning of county government and to continue to define the position of county director abound,” he says.

The county employs about 1,600 full-time and 150 part-time and seasonal workers and has a general fund operating budget of $ 157.8 million and a growing population, he said. The publication highlights Standard & Poor’s County’s A- credit rating as evidence of the county’s “strong financial stability position”.

A bachelor’s degree in public administration, finance, business administration or a closely related field is required for the position as well as at least five years of management experience in a similar or larger organization. A master’s degree and credentials in county management are desirable but not required, he says.

The position earns up to $ 185,000, with a “robust” benefits package, he says.

Resumes are due January 24 and must be submitted electronically to the Luzerne County Directors Search Committee at [email protected]

Hackett said all submissions will be sent to the seven members of the search committee simultaneously and will not be part of the county’s email system.

The independent search committee appointed by the board shall shortlist the candidates and recommend the candidates it deems most qualified to the board for its consideration. The drafters of the Home Rule charter chose this approach to make the selection more impartial and less vulnerable to political intervention.

“The process is going to be extraordinarily objective,” Hackett said of the committee’s work. “We are citizens involved in this committee. No one has an agenda. We will fairly and completely assess all applicants presented to us. “

In addition to Hackett, the committee members are: Sherri Homanko, Walter S. Mitchell Jr., Rick Morelli, Brian D. O’Donnell, Patrick Patte and Alec Ryncavage.

Advertising reach

LinkedIn, the International City / County Management Association (ICMA) and are among those selected to advertise the position. GovtJobs will also send out an opening notice from the county manager via its email list of 52,000 people, Hackett said.

“We hope the timing is right. In a new year people sometimes see new opportunities, ”Hackett said.

The search committee is due to meet behind closed doors on January 12 to review the initial submissions and determine whether an increase in advertising is warranted because of the response, he said.

“We will assess and recalibrate if necessary. We are optimistic about the reach we have through the ad campaign that we will identify some very good candidates, ”Hackett said.

The committee had already received a curriculum vitae prior to the launch of the ad based on the media coverage of the opening, he said.

According to its timeline, the committee wants to present at least three qualified candidates to the board by April 8.

Before making any recommendations, the committee plans to conduct pre-selection interviews over the phone and select candidates who will be interviewed in person.

At least seven of the 11 board votes are required to hire the director.

Last time

The manager position is open because C. David Pedri resigned in July. Romilda Crocamo, the county’s chief lawyer, has since served as the county’s acting director.

The preliminary search committee activated before Pedri’s hiring in May 2016 had received 14 applications.

Six were found qualified based on their resumes and other submitted documents, but one was disqualified based on a majority decision of a charter dispute. Committee members said when they interviewed all five of them.

At the direction of the board, the committee submitted three finalists. The Council ended up interviewing only two of the three because one stepped down, and Pedri was selected.

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