Magic Jordan hilariously announced fellow Laker great Kobe Bryant to the ladies of the world as their own personal dream boat

The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the most, if not the most, historic franchises in NBA history.

LA has hosted many legends in purple and gold. From George Mikan and Wilt Chamberlain to Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul Jabbar in the old days and Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal and LeBron James, the Lakers have always been the ultimate spectacle in NBA history.

Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant, however, are arguably the two most important of the bunch. Guys at a franchise earn more hearts, of course.

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The duo will always be remembered in the highest echelons of Laker legends. Both have their jerseys hanging on rosters and have left a lasting impact on basketball.

The relationship they shared was also well documented. Truth recognizes truth, after all. These two stalwarts of the Laker legacy shared a charming bond from Kobe’s earliest stages of stardom.

One of their best times together was on live television during an interview.

How did Magic Johnson introduce Kobe Bryant to the public?

At the time, Kobe was a 19-year-old phenom bursting onto the NBA scene. Bryant was fresh off his first all-star nod and well on his way to becoming an NBA superstar.

The teenage phenom appears in front of NBA legend Magic Johnson with a beaming smile. Magic pauses to remind the crowd that their new hero is only 19 and single while interacting with Kobe.

Magic’s genuine curiosity about the young phenom is evident in the video. Johnson was clearly a fan of the young guard and beamed with the belief that his franchise was in good hands.

Together, the duo are responsible for more than half of the rings the Lakers can call their own. Two transcendent guards who changed the face of the game, the duo will forever be remembered by the NBA.

Mamba and magic. Two words, two captions in purple and gold.

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