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May 3, 1922


A lot of grumbling was heard about the town last night and today because the school board rented the school’s athletic park at the Al G. Barnes Circus for parking today, especially among the baseball fans, who feared that the pitch and pitch would be greatly damaged by the circus that performed there. It is understood that the school board did not initially lease the park to the circus attendant, but the land beyond the sports park, which is also owned by the board, for $69, and that later a nearby resident who did not want the circus so close to his home plowed the ground.

This automatically banned the circus from performing on that plot and the school board, on the promise of the circus representative not to plow the diamond or damage the park in any way, agreed to let the attraction appear there today. Also, the ball diamond is too small to comfortably accommodate such a large entertainment aggregation and some of the circus belongings had to be stored outside.

There was no other land in the city available for the circus as the usual show grounds at the foot of South Grape and South Holly streets are planted with grain, and a large amount of old timber is piled on the Palm ground. , which could be used for this purpose.


Much credit is due to Miss Faldine, County Nurse, for the excellent work she is doing in Jackson County. Many more calls for her services are received daily than she can handle and the most urgent calls are given priority. A summary of her activities over the past week will give the public an idea of ​​what Miss Faldine is up to. On Thursday April 27, the Pankey neighborhood was visited, schoolchildren inspected and two home visits were made. On Friday, Miss Faldine inspected 20 children in Reese Creek and four in the Long Mountain District. On Saturday, she took care of the office routine. On Monday, she traveled to the Lower Soda Springs District and made several house calls while yesterday the Green Spring Mountain District was covered.

Next Saturday, Miss Faldine will address the Southern Oregon Federation of Women’s Clubs meeting in Grants Pass and let the people of that town know more about her work.

—Alissa Corman; [email protected]

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