Meet the entrepreneurs who are using personalized advertising to grow their business

Have you ever looked at a small business online and wondered how the hell it managed to grow amid the Covid-19 pandemic?

One of the secrets to their success is personalized advertising – a tool that allows businesses to connect and target relevant customers.

Whether it’s a hair salon or a juice business, personalized advertising gives entrepreneurs everything they need to give their brand a much needed boost.

And with more people than ever shopping online during the Covid-19 pandemic, why wouldn’t you want to tap into the huge market of potential customers?

And in an effort to support small businesses, Facebook has launched its #DeserveToBeFound campaign, in which businesses can earn an invaluable shout from serial entrepreneur and TV star Steven Bartlett.

Read on to find out how to get involved, but first meet the business owners who already do personalized advertising for them …


Adam Choudhry, from Birmingham, founded the Kings Barbers Club in 2009, just weeks before entering college.

Adam Choudhry, from Birmingham, founded the Kings Barbers Club in 2009, just weeks before entering college.

It is now the UK’s largest independent barber shop chain, with 14 other outlets in the Midlands and 60 employees.

Adam’s Best Tips for Small Businesses

It looks cliché but don’t give up! Custom advertising tools work, but like everything, we all make mistakes.

Sometimes I watch a picture or video that I’m so proud of, but it gets slandered online. It hurts!

As small business owners our business is a reflection of us, so it feels like a failure when people don’t appreciate our work the way we want it to.

Don’t be discouraged, try something new again, but always stay consistent and true to your business philosophy. ‘

Don’t expect day one sales; You will need to segment your advertising and build brand awareness and trust.

I still follow the same rule: love, trust and share.

People want to feel comfortable before making a purchase; they are not as frivolous as you might think.

If you are not comfortable investing money in the platform, at least start learning more. If you don’t talk to your customers, your competition probably is.

The conversation between you and your customer is so crucial in today’s climate, and social platforms have created a space where we can do it for free or find new customers through paid media, which is measured, easily scalable, and can be done. from your sofa.

Try to do this with a flyer or other forms of print media!

He attributes much of his success to personalized advertising, a tool he learned to use during lunch breaks and evenings as a student.

He revealed, “I started the business and started college just as social media was really starting to take off.

“Suddenly everyone was getting a smartphone for the first time and I noticed that everything social in college was organized on people’s Facebook pages.”

Adam started using personalized advertising to help them understand their customers and deliver relevant content to them, based on their behaviors and interests.

He explained: “Unlike offline tools, they are always available at any time of the day, can be turned on and off and, most importantly, can be tailored to suit any budget.

“Advertising costs are known to be high. How do small businesses compete with brands that advertise on billboards, buses, TV and radio 24/7? With social media, we are all in the same boat.

He quickly got to know his customers before they even walked through the door.

While assuming his target audience was men, using the tool he realized that 40% of conversions were actually women booking for someone else.

And by using dynamic ads, he could then tailor his ad to specific audiences, allowing the algorithm to match and display images.

He explained, “Lookalike audiences and our own data give us a head start.

“We can identify key customers and change the geography to what we’re looking for. ”

Adam quickly adapted and started targeting personalized ads to men and women, increasing his online bookings.

Meanwhile, he’s making sure Kings Barbers is a priority for potential customers by targeting those within a three-mile radius of the lounge.

And to drive a return on investment, Adam re-targets clients with a haircut reminder within one month of their appointment, using data-driven insights to calculate the average turnaround time for a repeat booking.

By spending two hours and £ 1,000 a week of advertising, Adam knows he can earn up to £ 8,000 in return!

No wonder his business is thriving.


Natasha Steele made a dramatic career change from an audit consultant in London to owner and “head centrifuge” of Urban Cordial in 2016.

Natasha Steele made a dramatic career change from an audit consultant in London to owner and “head centrifuge” of Urban Cordial in 2016.

Tired of working in the city, Natasha Steele made a dramatic career gap, moving from an audit consultant in London to owner and “juicer” of Urban Cordial in 2016.

She started looking for ingredients in her batch and turning them into fruity syrups, selling the bottles at her local farmers market.

But when the COVID-19 crisis hit, Natasha was forced to change strategy and turned to personalized ads to help boost sales.

While experimenting with different personalized ads online, Natasha found the right place: She found that Facebook’s dynamic ads performed the best for her business, enabling her to deliver relevant content to the right people, at the right time.

Meanwhile, Lookalike Audiences help Natasha quickly identify and engage with a range of potential customers.

She can see characteristics shared by her existing customers, from repeat consumers to wholesale buyers, then target similar demographics across the UK with personalized ads.

She said: “Thanks to Facebook advertising, our business has grown during a pandemic – something I was not sure was possible.”

She revealed that she is always on the lookout for new customers who will be drawn to her brand, adding, “Some companies are lucky that they never have to change their audience. I’m not one of those companies.

“I constantly have to play with different audiences, different percentages of look-alikes, different target audiences, whether wide or narrow.”

Today, personalized ads generate 70% of the brand’s online revenue and offer five times the return on investment.

And while in 2019, Natasha earned € 2,000 in online income, in 2020 she had reached € 60,000.

Now, thanks to her loyal community of followers and Natasha’s investment in personalized advertising, Urban Cordial drinks can now be found in many upscale bars, clubs and food halls across the UK.

Do you want to learn more about personalized advertising and how the tools could help you grow your business?

Visit Facebook to learn more about digital tools and free resources available to support your business.

How a simple hashtag could help YOUR business …

Inspirational entrepreneur Steven Bartlett could congratulate YOUR business!

Inspirational entrepreneur Steven Bartlett could congratulate YOUR business!

Facebook believes businesses deserve to be found online, regardless of their size.

That’s why the social media platform has started a movement to celebrate small businesses and the brilliant ideas behind them.

Facebook #DeserveToBeFound campaign aims to support and showcase entrepreneurs like Colin, James, Sarah and YOU!

Just share the hashtag #DeserveToBeFound on Facebook or Instagram and your business could appear on Steven Bartlett’s Facebook channels in the coming weeks. This is a fantastic opportunity for your idea to be seen by thousands of new potential customers.

Show off your products, tell your story or say thank you to your customers, as you market your business and why you #DeserveToBeFound

In the meantime, you can also download the free Facebook posters to share with your community. Click here to find out more.

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