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It’s not every day that a group of high school students becomes a professional marketing company.

On Wednesday, students at Mississinewa High School in Josh Stearns Business Class got to see the fruits of their labor when the winning design for Summers Heating & Cooling’s spring ad was unveiled.

The irony of an HVAC repairman’s ad unveiled on the hottest day of the year did not escape students, as some sought shelter from the heat in nearby shade.

“We started this from a lens where Summers was looking for advertising on a billboard. So they came to my class and had a basic business meeting,” Stearns said. “Then we held collaborative brainstorming sessions and took all the ideas, condensed them into one, and submitted them to Summers who picked his favorite.”

The billboard, at Western and 41st Street (opposite the Panda Express Bypass), depicting a tired AC unit, was designed by one of Stearns’ business classes which was competing for the account with its other class .

“Students were able to treat this like they were Burkhart,” said Dave Jourdan, owner of Summers Heating & Cooling. “So they had to take notes and listen to the key words I was saying about what I hoped to get out of it. From there, the classes came up with their designs, and then Burkhart translated their sketches into publicity art. . »

“Josh has my reasoning for why I chose this one over the other and they can use that information,” Jourdan continued.

With cars rushing through this high traffic area, the students could see just how much of an impact their marketing can have with the right creative direction and real estate.

“[It was] a lot of constructive chaos,” Josef Shapiro of the winning class said of their creative process.

Shapiro has aspirations in marketing himself, and from that experience he said he learned that “cooperation takes time and original thinking is best.”

Jourdan presented the winning class with a gift for their work and to further simulate a professional exchange between the advertiser and the advertising agency.

“I think it’s good to show them, in real time, how a marketer would work with a real business.” Jourdan said, “They feel like it in practice rather than just in a textbook.”

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