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The online price comparison site had followed a number of large companies in removing its ads from the UK’s newest network. GB News was launched on Sunday night by its chairman Andrew Neil and the channel has vowed to challenge the so-called cancellation culture and wake-up behavior.

The new BBC and Sky News rival has since been targeted by left-wing activists, including the Stop Funding Hate group, which published a list of advertising companies on the channel.

On Wednesday, Moneysupermarket joined IKEA, cider company Kopparberg, Octopus Energy and The Open University to move its brand away from GB News.

But less than 24 hours later, the mainstream site reversed its decision to “suspend” its advertising space on GB News.

In a Twitter post, Moneysupermarket said: “Just to confirm that Moneysupermarket is not boycotting its advertising on GB News, sorry for any confusion caused.”

Yesterday the cabinet tweeted: “We understand that there are strong opinions on both sides on this matter.

“Because GB News is a new channel, we need time to fully understand it. With that in mind, we have decided to suspend our advertising spaces pending a review.”

IKEA also reversed its hasty decision on Tuesday to suspend advertising on GB News.

The Swedish furniture retailer has now said it is “just too early” to decide whether GB News is following its “advertising policy and branding guidelines”.

IKEA added that a final decision would be made at a later date.

A spokesperson said: “On Tuesday we made the decision to suspend advertising on GB News.

“While we had not actively sought to appear on the channel, the decision to suspend our advertising was taken at high speed.

“As a newly launched channel, we recognize that it is simply too early to make an informed decision about whether advertising there complies with our advertising policy and brand guidelines.

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He said, “Take a look at our content. You will not find any hatred. Let me know if you want to advertise. And I will let you know if we want your announcements. Or if we organize a boycott of you.

In another tweet, Mr Neil said, “How many other channels did you watch before deciding to advertise?

“I will be looking at the brands to decide if they are suitable to advertise with us. I will have something to say about this and more on a Media Watch special tonight GB News at 8pm on Andrew Neil . “

Mr Neil launched GB News at 8 p.m. last Sunday and in his opening monologue, the veteran broadcaster said the channel “will pierce the emphasis of our elites in politics, business, media and academia and expose the growing promotion of the culture of cancellation for the threat to free speech and the democracy that it is “.

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