Netflix job ad says they’re doubling down on gaming expansion

With a recent job listing by the streaming giant, it looks like Netflix wants to expand further into the gaming industry with its cloud gaming service. The company recently posted a job posting looking for a senior software engineer with “game development experience…Unity and Unreal game engines” and more.

Recently, it emerged that of the company’s 221 million subscribers worldwide, only 1.7 million had played even one of their game offerings, representing less than 1% of their clients.

Double in loss time

With news that Netflix shareholders wouldn’t have liked, it was recently revealed that Netflix had lost over a million subscribers in its last quarter, which surprisingly was well below their expected losses. more than two million subscribers.

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At a time when the world is facing a pandemic, cost of living crises, fuel prices rising more than ever, unemployment and food issues, it’s no surprise that people have prioritized to other things rather than a “luxury” like Netflix. However, this loss comes when Netflix has just launched season three of its exclusive Umbrella Academy series, and the fourth season of its worldwide phenomenon Strange things. So How much worse would it have been without new additions to these flagship series?

games ; Netflix’s way forward?


With many more competitors in the streaming market than when Netflix launched, it’s no surprise that Netflix feels the need to be innovative and adapt, albeit in surprising and not necessarily expected ways.

“We are developing new game offerings rapidly, so we are looking for a Rendering Engineer who is excited to help lead the continued building and scaling of our efforts for our international audience. We are looking for a Rendering Engineer to support our cloud gaming service. In this role, you will help optimize game rendering so that we can render multiple games on our cloud gaming devices,”

From the job listing, it’s clear that Netflix doesn’t plan to deliver countless lightweight mobile games, but seems determined to follow their path in unique, high-quality content on the TV side, a la Strange things.

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Is this what we want?

The assortment of Netflix games currently available.

I haven’t had the pleasure of playing any of the currently available Netflix games myself, so perhaps my opinion is a bit unwarranted or even incorrect. But when signing up to Netflix, I don’t think many people’s first thought is, “I can’t wait to see what games they have” and is more likely to be, “I want to watch the latest episode of… or “I can’t wait to see… my childhood again”, and the proof is there. 99% of us haven’t played a Netflix game yet, but will their expansion change that? Instead of discussing the final season of stranger thingswill we be standing around the water cooler discussing the latest and greatest Netflix game?

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