Our predictions on which games will air on EA Play Live

E3 may be digital this year, but there’s still a lot to see and tell. Before the event, starting June 12, we are preparing a list of predictions for some publishers. We’ve covered the Xbox and Bethesda show before. Today we’re going to share some of our predictions on what Electronic Arts, or EA, is bringing to the E3 2021 season. The company will showcase its games on July 22 at its EA Play Live event.

Electronic Arts has not officially been a part of E3 for many years. Instead, the publisher chose to host their own event: EA Play. These normally take place a day or two before the start of the official E3 presentations. This time EA decided to go after E3 but we still expect an impressive performance.

EA Sports

The new EA Sports games are as certain as the seasons change. There was a new Madden game every year since 1999. The FIFA The series has not only launched a new game every year since 1994, but has seen 36 releases during that 26-year period. This means that it’s a safe bet that the event will include footage of crazy 22 and FIFA 22. Not so certain – but still extremely likely – is an appearance of NHL 22. Will there be a new NBA Live is in the air. There hasn’t been a new entry in the series since 2018, although there is obviously a demand for more basketball as 2K’s NBA games are still selling very well.

Technically not an EA Sports title, but it would still be great to see some footage of Skate 4. We’re assuming the game is still quite early in development. However, after the positive reaction the announcement received last year, it would be good to follow that up with in-game footage. However, it would be foolish to expect a release date or even substantial gameplay. . We’re dying to see some of the game in action.

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Racing games

Electronic Arts got a huge boost in racing games last year when the company acquired Codemasters, known experts in the field. However, with new entries in their Dirt and CARS Project franchises released last year, don’t expect too much. What we can be sure of is news F1 game, a franchise that often hits the mark. It will be interesting to see which leads are included, as the actual F1 schedule and schedule continues to shift and change due to the ongoing pandemic.

Of course, Electronic Arts has its own racing game franchise with Need of speed. We were expecting a new game in this franchise this year. However, Criterion, who had been re-appointed in charge of the franchise, had to help with the next installment of Battlefield. This means that the new game has probably been pushed back until next year. A bit of work has probably already been done on an installment, so we could get a good idea of ​​what the developer has in store for us.

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Battlefield 6

Speaking of Battlefield 6, or whatever it ends up being called, we think it’s a safe bet there will be some AAA shooter coverage. With a full reveal event specifically for the new game coming on June 9, it’s likely that we won’t get as big a blowout as we would have received. We wouldn’t be surprised, however, if the publisher suspends the multiplayer portion of the game to show it to EA Play Live. Alternatively, EA could ignore the campaign in the reveal. This would then give the company the opportunity to show more details at the press conference.

Rumors surrounding the game suggest the news Battlefield is in the distant future. It will be interesting to see how DICE sets its futuristic shooter apart from Call of Dutybanter during this period, as well as Fall of the Titansis the setting. One thing that is almost certain is that it will be a visual showcase. While other developers in EA’s studio stable have struggled to use the Frostbite game engine, he’s the baby of DICE, and he always seems to succeed in extracting extraordinary results from the technology.

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Ah, BioWare. Once an industry hero and now, well, let’s just say his brand has lost some of its luster. Anthem is almost buried so we’re not going to see it, but they’re working on other things that we know of. We know the developer is working on a new Mass Effect. Usually I would say it’s too early in development to show anything. However, after the success of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, we wouldn’t be surprised to see BioWare take a victory lap and show off some early footage.

One game that we know has been in development for some time is Dragon Age 4. It is surely much closer to the exit than a new one Mass Effect. After receiving the studio’s other recent efforts, he may decide to keep this a secret until it’s almost done. If this game goes wrong, then the studio is in serious trouble. Maybe Electronic Arts will just choose to show off a sizzling reel of what the studio is doing. This could then include brief overviews of Mass Effect and Dragon age.

What made us very nostalgically excited was the wealth of rumors surrounding a remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. While BioWare only hints at overseeing rather than performing basic development tasks, this is another game that could be shown in a reel that would really get excited fans (and us) excited.

Mass Effects Technical Review

Respawn entertainment

About Star wars, could this be the event when Respawn unveils the sequel to the brilliant Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order? Electronic Arts exclusive agreement with Disney for the Star wars license was quite chaotic. The only clear exception to this was Jedi: Fallen Order. And maybe Battle front, depending on who you ask. There hasn’t been any official confirmation that a sequel is on the way but, come on, EA has built all of its business on sequels. We would be stunned if a follow-up was not underway. With the end of the exclusivity deal in sight, we can expect other publishers to start announcing plans taking place in the galaxy far, far away. Surely it would be better to announce the sequel when EA still controls most of the media bandwidth in terms of Star wars Games.

What else could Respawn be working on? As much as we would love to see Fall of the Titans 3 advertised, this is probably the kind of stuff to die for. We imagine that any spotlight on the developer would be just to promote updates and the future of their blockbuster free-to-play shooter, Apex Legends. It may not have captured the collective consciousness like other free entries like Fortnite, but he still maintains an extremely healthy player base. The game receives regular updates, so promoting them seems like a no-brainer.

Star Wars Maverick Jedi Fallen Order Project

It’s in the game, but what are the games in EA Play Live?

Electronic arts are often the butt of the joke (and rightly so), but the publisher puts out some great games. Because the focus of this event will be the games and not its darker practices (ahem, surprise mechanics), we expect there to be plenty to get excited about. A successful and creative Electronic Arts would be a godsend both for the industry as a whole and for gamers. Hopefully EA remembers the people who play their games and not just their shareholders when they choose what to show during EA Play Live.

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