Paweł Olszewskij from Movie Games: “Marketing budget usually reflects 30% of production budget” – Game World Observer

Paweł Olszewski
Director of Business Development, Cinema Games

WN Dev Contest is a contest for developers of Unreal Engine games. It is owned by WN Media Group in conjunction with Unreal Engine and Reboot Develop.

GWO: Paweł, what is the relationship between marketing spend and production budget?

Paweł: The marketing budget generally reflects 30% of the production budget. This includes our internal support and the potential cost of some third party service providers that we sometimes hire.

You know how teams sometimes tend to overestimate their strengths and underestimate their deadlines, especially once they’ve received funding and support from a publisher? Can you give any advice on how best to plan the development stages to ship the game on time?

There are a lot of factors that affect the final shipment date, there is no easy answer here. Flexibility is a must – from partners, developers and publishers.

It’s a popular opinion that the publisher doesn’t look so much at the game, but rather the team behind it. What makes a good development team for you?

The self-organizing team is the best team for us as a publisher. A group of people who can organize and manage their own work. This approach with a decent track record is often even more important than the game currently being launched.

Are you using management systems and tools to track development progress?

We have our own workflow and applications, but we are also flexible and can adapt to the developer’s corporate policy. We are here to support them, without forcing anything. If they have their own tools that work well, we adapt to them to make the whole process smooth.

What kind of game are you looking for in the competition?

FPP simulators, FPP survivals, FPP survival horrors, 2D indies, tycoons / isometric strategies.

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