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Online retailer Playasia is launching a game publishing arm.

Independent retailer Playasia has been in the business for 20 years. They are celebrating this anniversary with the official launch of Playasia Publishing, a new branch of video game software from Playasia.

“We want to help make games playable by more people – whether it’s an older title made inaccessible by time, a game that requires extensive language options, or something innovative that could go further with our support,” says Playasia’s Hardy. Rhythm.

Here’s what you can expect from the new publishing label:

With a long-established and growing customer base with an affinity for Japanese and Asian media, Playasia’s immediate focus will be to improve the global availability of these titles – while continually striving to innovate across all regions.

Playasia Publishing will seek to provide direct support to developers throughout the software development and release process, including assisting with the process of integrating existing titles onto new platforms and improving accessibility through language options. .

Continuing the philosophy of accessibility in all its forms, physical games will occupy an important place in the catalog offered by Playasia Publishing. With a new Collector’s Edition standard already in development for upcoming titles, releasing our software in the familiar format we all love will be a priority.

We currently have no information on specific games. However, we will let you know when we know more about the games that come from Playasia!

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