Pokimane calls for boycott of Activision Blizzard

During one of his streams, Pokimane discussed current events in the video game industry with his fans. As expected, the discussion eventually fell to the topic of Activision Blizzard. She was talking about what she thought of the game publisher when one of her fans asked her a question. “What do you think of the streamer who still broadcasts his games? “

Pokimane had a quick response At the question. “I think if you’re a financially well-off streamer you shouldn’t be doing this,” says Pokimane, adding that people should stay away from publishers as much as possible. Unless calling for a boycott of Activision Blizzard, Pokimane then felt it necessary to add some nuances to his statement. She clarified, “However, I do understand that some people might be in a situation where their income is heavily based on a Blizzard game. But I think in that case they should still be extremely loud about how they are against it. (the actions of Activision Blizzard) when they will still play their games.

Pokimane herself has not played any Call of Duty War Zone and totally ignored The vanguard of the call of duty, and has not been seen playing an Activision Blizzard game on its stream recently. His stance revolves around the idea that exposing streamers to a game helps keep publishers afloat. Boycotting Activision Blizzard could put enormous pressure on company executives, which could cause them to acquiesce to their employees’ demands. But she understands that some streamers, for example, Call of Duty pro gamers, have no choice but to play Call of Duty being broadcast. Therefore, it is also clear that Pokimane does not deal with absolutes.

As for regular players who don’t stream, we believe you shouldn’t feel guilty about playing and enjoying Activision Blizzard Games. These games were still created by developers in the field who still deserve their works to be played by gamers. At the same time, the playing time of individual players wouldn’t make a dent on Activision Blizzard, anyway, and the power to make a change rests in the hands of the few who hold the influence within these big guys. companies. So come on, keep playing World of warcraft Where Call of Duty if that’s what makes you happy, you shouldn’t feel guilty or ashamed for doing it.

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