Product not in accordance with the advertisement

Q. I bought an air cooler in a home shopping program for € 49.90. On television, this product has been advertised as being very effective in cooling the area around it. However, when I went to get it, the salesperson told me that I had to be careful how I handled the air cooler so that the water inside did not overflow. When I got home and turned on the air cooler, I noticed that even with a very slight movement, the water inside was spilling out. Other than that, the air cooler is not very efficient in cooling the room. Even though I followed the directions in the supplied booklet, the room where I used the air cooler did not cool as advertised on the TV.

I would like to know if I have the right to return the product to the seller and request a refund?

A. As a consumer, you have the right to receive goods which conform to the description given by the trader and which have the characteristics, characteristics and qualities of the goods which the trader has promised or has shown or otherwise presented as a sample or model. . . Therefore, considering this legal requirement, if you have proof that the air cooler does not work as advertised on TV, you can request a free remedy from the seller. As a first step, you can request that the air cooler be replaced by a product with the characteristics advertised on television. If the seller cannot provide you with such a product at no additional cost, then you can choose to cancel the sales contract and request a full refund of the money paid. If the seller refuses to provide you with an appropriate remedy, then you can file a formal complaint with the Consumer Affairs Office.

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