Qualcomm and Razer launch Snapdragon G3x portable gaming device

Qualcomm and Razer have just announced their new collaborative achievement: a portable gaming platform called Snapdragon G3X, with the two companies calling it a “development kit” for now. Many people have commented on how similar the platform is to the ever popular Nintendo Switch console.

Qualcomm being the “benchmark” company in the mobile industry for chips, there is no doubt that the Snapdragon G3X will deliver a very high quality gaming experience. The console will focus on streaming computer games, consoles, cloud services, and even Android-specific titles.

Qualcomm’s main page for the console describes its pretty impressive capabilities. It will support resolution up to 4K and 144FPS. The company also boasts of owning 10-bit HDR to represent games in “a billion shades of vivid color.” When it comes to overall console performance, also expect Level A with the use of Qualcomm’s Adreno GPU, which will provide “immersive graphics and updatable drivers.”

Image via Qualcomm

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Other expected features include monitor connection capability, USB-C support, variable rate shading support, and more.

So what’s the downside of the Snapdragon G3X? Well, as mentioned earlier, this is currently just a developer system. Justin cooney, Director of Global Partnerships at Razer, posted the following statement to The Verge concerning the console:

This is not a Razer hardware ad. The Snapdragon G3x SDK is a Qualcomm device. By working with Qualcomm in this collaborative partnership, we aim to bring more publishers and developers to the table and realize our shared vision to create the future of portable gaming.

Qualcomm has had success with its VR chips in the past, especially the Snapdragon XR2 in the Oculus Quest 2. I’m interested in what the Snapdragon G3X will bring in the future of portable gaming platforms – let’s wait and see.


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