“Slitterhead” Game Rewards Reveal What Horror Needs: “Silent Hill” Should Stay Dead

silent Hill is a dead franchise and that’s exactly what it should remain so Konami must participate.

At this year’s Game Awards, the original creator of the iconic horror series, Keiichiro Toyama, announced a mysterious project known as Slitterhead. Although the parallels between this and silent Hill are largely superficial (they both have monsters that look like creepy perversions of the human form), the new game clearly wants to make its behind-the-scenes connection as explicit as possible.

His trailer even opens with the following text: “In 1999, Keiichiro Toyama chose horror as a genre for his first directorial work. silent Hill was released to the world. In 2020, he became independent and founded Bokeh Game Studio. And he returned to face a new challenge in horror. “

If the silent Hill namedrop was not live enough, words are literally capitalized and in bold. They really want you to know that Slitterhead has a lineage dating back to one of the heavyweights of the horror genre. Toyama even hired Akira Yamaoka, a former Team Silent student, to deliver the musical score.

Of course, if you are trying to appeal to a horror audience then it makes perfect sense to invoke the name of Silent Hill. This is one of, otherwise the, The most revered franchises of the genre and has delivered several classic icy. In fact, the series was featured twice on our list of the scariest games ever made.

If you were making a possession movie and William Friedkin was attached to a certain title, then you would naturally want to paste the words “from the creator of The Exorcist“on all marketing materials. The same principle applies here.

Again Slitterhead is certainly not a novelty silent Hill Game. It’s just an original property that involves some of the same creative talents. Which is really for the best, because, painful as it may be to admit, silent Hill should remain dead and buried at this point.

We don’t need a new “Silent Hill” when “Slitterhead” fills that void.
Bokeh games studio

‘Silent Hill’ has exceeded its peak

As the Game Awards 2021 approached, horror enthusiasts were feverishly trying to uncover evidence that would point to an imminent revival of the game. silent Hill franchise.

This is nothing out of the ordinary, as they put on their conspiracy theorist hats whenever there is a major industry event like this. Whether it’s E3, a PlayStation showcase, or whatever goes by Geoff Keighley’s name, they’ll hopefully convince themselves that an announcement is coming. Sometimes they take their rampant speculations and over-the-top theories so far that they end up looking like absolute nuts.

That said, the despair of a new entry in the series is quite understandable. silent Hill was really special at the beginning of the race, providing a more subtle alternative to more psychological Resident Evil. The second entry is often hailed as one of the best games of all time-with its unprecedented atmosphere, rampant terror and gripping narrative – while TP was a revealing experience that has been imitated by countless aspirants.

However, it’s time to admit that the franchise’s glory days are far behind it. After all, it’s been almost 10 years since the last full-fledged version and 17 since there was a good one.

Screenshot of Silent Hill 2
The horrors of Silent Hill 2 are much more abstract and psychological than in most games.

All the people who made silent Hill unique ones in the first place (like Toyama) have moved on, and since 2004 it’s just passed between third-party developers who never quite got it.

Failed reboots like Back home, Origins and Broken memories all had a superficial level of understanding of the franchise, but it never got beyond that. They revamped plot points from older games, flaunted the once enigmatic pyramid head like it was just a cheap mascot, and put too much emphasis on gore. They even tried to make one dungeon crawl hack and slash at some point.

As Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw said in his opinion on the dull Silent Hill: Downpour: “I don’t think I can call myself a silent Hill fan more […] Over the past few years, I have gained an appreciation for what Sonic the hedgehog fans have been going through it from around 1996, watching his favorite franchise struggle desperately trying to regain the spirit of the good guys, not understanding the essentials. “

Thus, although it is certainly easy to get caught up in the hype, the probability of a new silent Hill the game being all good is rather thin. Especially with Konami at the helm.

Silent Hill 4 screenshot: The room
With the exception of the “PT” teaser, the spooky “Silent Hill 4: The Room” was the last time this franchise managed to please fans.

Konami has ruined most of its beloved franchises

Once considered one of the most trusted publishers in the entire gaming industry, Konami was responsible for beloved blockbusters like Castlevania, Solid metal gear and Pro Evolution Soccer (PES).

Yet in recent years, they have systematically destroyed any goodwill they had accumulated with these flagship IPs and fatally mismanaged each of them.

Metal gear in particular suffered indignity after indignity at the hands of Konami. In 2015, they had an internal restructuring which saw the closure of Kojima Productions and, as a direct consequence, Phantom pain was rushed to the half-finished door. The game was generally well received by critics anyway, but it breathed in the content and its entire final chapter was essentially a copy-paste job that reused many earlier sections.

After completely burning down that bridge with Kojima, they then set out to develop their own hapless spin-off, in the form of the laughable Metal Gear: Survive. Taking a series beloved for its open-ended gameplay and tactical espionage, and then scaling it down to a generic zombie shooter, it has been utterly despised by critics and fans alike. Konami hasn’t really done much with the Metal gear licensed since then, effectively killing the legendary franchise for good.

PSE on the other hand, there was a brand new release earlier this year, although it was renamed eFootball 2022 for some reasons. It was another failed comeback attempt and sparked widespread derision for how she failed to meet lower expectations. The title was even called the worst game of the year by WatchMojo. In the countdown channel video, they said, “We have reached new heights in abandoned sports games. [here], with bugs and bugs galore “.

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That’s why ‘Silent Hill’ is better dead

While Konami has mismanaged the vast majority of its larger franchises, it has thankfully let silent Hill alone in recent years. In 2015, the company announced that it was moving away from producing console versions and instead focusing on mobile games and pachinko machines.

While they sometimes plunged their toes in the arena of console (with eFootball and Metal Gear: Survive), they did nothing with silent Hill . The closest to a new game is the crossing with Death by the light of dayBut it was only a chapter DLC and Konami had very little to do with it.

The only other piece of silent Hill content we have had in recent years is a showy pachinko machine which was designed for use in arcades and casinos. The very idea of ​​taking Pyramid Head (a symbolic manifestation of misogyny, guilt, and psychological torment) and slapping it all over the face of a gaming device, as it implores you to ‘push the lever’ and spin the rollers, was so vilified by the fans as its trailer currently sits at 26,000 dislikes at 710 likes.

Silent Hill Pachinko Machine
The image shows a screenshot of the “Silent Hill” pachinko machine trailer. This is what the deductible was reduced to.

With all of this in mind, as long as Konami retains the rights, it is probably for the best that we are spared the pain of another. silent Hill Game. It’s time to let go.

Spiritual successors like Slitterhead and this year The way can perpetuate his legacy, while we remember just the good times. Yahtzee put it best in his review of the latter, when he said, “You know what Konami, I don’t care silent Hill more. You make all the pachinko machines [you] Like. i don’t want again silent Hill, I want new, interesting horror games that benefit from Silent Hill’s affecting”.

This is how the franchise can continue now. Not with new entries, but by inspiring other developers and creators.

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