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Melvin White, of Cave Junction, left, and Travis Smith, of Merlin, firefighters with a Grayback 2 type initial strike team, train Monday at a staging area at the J. Herbert Stone Nursery in Central Point. [Jamie Lusch / Mail Tribune]

J. Herbert Stone Nursery, the U.S. Forest Service facility at 2606 Old Stage Road in Central Point, is used as a muster site for contract firefighters and equipment entering the area to fight wildfires.

The site has been in use since July 30, the day after the McKinney Fire exploded in Siskiyou County, California, and lightning strikes were being investigated across the region.

“With the recent additions, this will increase our Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest firefighting capacity to approximately five times normal, as well as the local knowledge that these personnel bring with them, which is a great help. value,” the Forest Service said on its Facebook page.

“Since the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest activated the J. Herbert Stone Nursery Staging Area, the forest has hosted 12 engines, two bulldozers, 11 Type 2 manual crews and a set of timber fellers to this location only,” the agency reported. Saturday. “On Friday, five Type 2 manual teams arrived on scene for missions in support of local and regional needs.”

As of Saturday, the National Forest had responded to and extinguished 29 fires for a total of 5.11 acres burned, with 15 of those fires being human starts, the agency reported.

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