Steam will let users see how much space a game is taking up before trying to install it

A new Steam update now tells users how much space a game will take up before trying to install it on their system.

Steam Storage Update

To smoke has become one of the best-known places for PC gamers to purchase and play their games. Not only does the platform host some of the most popular games available today, but it’s also one of the most accessible platforms for small game publishers and developers. With so many games available on the platform in varying sizes and the amount of storage required when installing, it can be hard to figure out how much that would take. Valve is making a change to Steam that will allow players to see the amount of storage needed before having to try installing first.


Prior to this Steam update, players would only know how much space a game took up when trying to install it. After pressing the button to install the game, a new window would list the amount of free drive, as well as the amount of time the game would take. While it might be a small change, this update gives players a much more convenient way to check how much they need, and some can take advantage of this new feature right now.

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In the current version of Steam, any game set up in the library will show a number of details. These include the last time the game was played, how much time was spent playing it, as well as the number of achievements that the player has completed. If players have the Steam platform beta, the “Last Game” detail has been removed and instead shows how much space the game will take up.

Need steam space

For some, this small change will be incredibly beneficial. Many will probably want to know how long a game will take before they want to install it when they last played a game. This is especially useful for gamers who use spare hard drives or SSDs for the express purpose. to keep their games. With many AAA games requiring a lot of space these days, this will help gamers determine which games are worth keeping and which games can be uninstalled to provide more space.

As mentioned earlier, this change can only be seen on the Steam platform beta, which is only available to players who sign up for it. Instructions are available on the Steam support page. Once a fan joins the beta program, it’s simple to switch from the current version to the beta in the Steam menu. With this minor change now available on the beta, it’s only a matter of time before this feature is available to all other users of To smoke.

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